The Medium Are Unsinkable

The Medium is Jack and you’re Rose. Nothing on earth can come between you and their music—not even an iceberg.

I caught the quartet at their showcase for Pond Mag this past SXSW, where we talked music and their connection to the tragic romance of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt-Bukater.

The Nashville-based band travels with over a dozen Titanic VHS tapes that they sprinkle around the stage while playing. Why? Like the location of the Heart of the Ocean necklace, it’s a mystery. When asked, the band will simply say, “we’ll just leave it up to the imagination.”

However, after flashing them the Titanic tattoo I have on my hip (also a long story I won’t get into), they admitted to me their Titanic addiction is starting to become a slight burden. As everyone who’s owned Titanic on VHS knows, you’ll remember it came as a dual tape set due to its length. So, that’s a lot of tapes.

“We can’t stop and we won’t stop,” Michael Brudi (guitar/vocals) tells me. “Titanic is becoming a problem for us though… It’s hard to find stuff amidst the Titanic debris—there are all these Titanics in our van and if we’re looking for a wrench or something we can’t find it because it’s covered in Titanics.”

While they work on their addiction for Titanic VHS tapes, they’re also working on a new album.

Currently, The Medium has only a slight presence on the internet. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram, plus their debut EP, Here’s Our Gravy Tape is on their Bandcamp. That’s about it. The group is itching to make a music video and release their newest tunes ASAP.

Like Rose said to Jack, “I’ll never let go;” Here’s Our Gravy Tapes will never let you go. It’s an ear-wormer set of tracks that’ll have you humming along even when it’s not playing. For example, the song “The Good ‘Ole Days” has harmonies and musical bridges that are reminiscent of an old-timey rock song—think early Beatles, but with more of an edge.

You can catch The Medium’s new material during their live sets. Hear songs like the David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”-esque track “Space Horse” that sings emotionally about riding a horse to space. The ominous tone played to lyrics singing “click clack” makes it one hilarious tearjerker. Or its counterpart “That’s What She Said”—a song with a name that immediately makes you think of the comedy The Office, but actually sings about heartbreak and lost love.

The Medium, comprised of college buds Shane Perry (guitar/vocals), Sam Silva (bass), Michael Brudi (guitar) and Jared Hicks (drums), has been making music together for over two years. However, only in the past four month does the group really feel like they’ve started to hone in on their vibe, sound and live performances.

“Our songs come off from different places musically, but really, live it sounds like one whole cohesive piece now,” Jared Hicks (drums) says.

If you can’t catch them in person, don’t fret. Tune in to this week’s The Music Meetup to hear new and old Medium material and the entire uncut interview with The Medium from SXSW. We keep getting distracted by friends and they get super excited after I flash them my Titanic tattoo. It’s great—take a listen.