The Lovely Eggs Keep On Keeping On

The Lovely Eggs encourage everyone to embrace their band philosophy of “fuck it” and just “plow on.”

DIY bands have a leg up on everyone in quarantine because they’re used to shit hitting the fan. Lancaster, UK based indie-punk duo of Holly Ross (guitar/vocals) and David Blackwell (drums) aka The Lovely Eggs are a perfect example of this raw ability.

“We’re always learning the hard way on how to do everything, so it’s kind of like second nature for us to just go into combat mode,” Ross tells BTRtoday. “[We’re] like, ‘okay, this is the situation and it’s shit, how do we make it better?’—we’re used to doing that and we’re very well trained in doing that.”

The Lovely Eggs, “Still Second Rate”

The Lovely Eggs had to cancel the tour surrounding the release of their newest album I Am Moron, which usually would push the release date for most bands. But the two musicians were not about to let their fans suffer any more than they had to. “We owe it to our fans to get [the album] out so they can hear it,” Ross says. “And hopefully, it’ll get them through [quarantine], because I’m sure they’ll have a lot of time to spend listening to music.”

Though Ross and Blackwell already have a lot on their plate homeschooling their six-year-old son while quarantined, they’re not letting The Lovely Eggs get pushed to the back burner. They’ve already rescheduled their tour dates for later in the summer, keeping in mind they might have to reschedule for even further down the road. And since they continued with the April 3 release of I Am Moron, they’ve been trucking along with promotion for it sans tour.

The Lovely Eggs, “This Decision”

I Am Moron is refined punk rock grit. It provides the fuzz and distortion every punk and indie rocker needs to keep their blood pumping, but it also makes sure to paint vivid imagery with underlying political and philosophical views. The intro track “Long Stem Carnations” kicks the album off with an experimental vibe using digital effects, then transitions into a fuzzy electric guitar riff. The song is especially relatable now, singing about isolation and having to take on this world all alone.

“We really like all the tracks on the album,” Blackwell says, also encouraging listeners to enjoy the album in order and letting it play out like a story. “We like it as a whole, and view the album as like how old-school albums used to be where you’re not thinking about singles so much, but about the whole album.”

The Lovely Eggs have rescheduled their UK tour for late July and are keeping their hopes up that it can actually all get done. In the meantime, listen to the entire interview with the duo and I am Moron in its entirety on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.