The Bobby Lees Are The Giant Green Cyclops of Rock 'n' Roll

The Bobby Lees churn out rock ‘n’ roll with complexity and skill. They’ve shared the stage with chaotic rockers like The Black Lips, Murphy’s Law and Future Island. Their sound is varied and evolving, with their brand new single “Guttermilk,” revealing a more punk rock side to their bluesy garage thrash. All this before three-fourths of the band has even turned 20.

Ranging in ages 17-25, the four-piece formed when frontwoman Sam Quartin moved from NYC to upstate NY. She wanted to make an album, but needed a band. A friend suggested checking out the local music school The Rock Academy. There, she met her future.

The Bobby Lees, “Guttermilk”

“[Quartin’s friend] was like, ‘well why don’t you use kids for your band?’ and Sam [Quartin] was like, ‘What? What?’” Bowman says of creating The Bobby Lees. “[Now,] look out for the giant green cyclops that’s stepping on your goddamn house like ‘Godzilla’ by Blue Öyster Cult, but better.”

The Bobby Lees’ monster lineup of Quartin on vocals and guitar, Macky Bowman on drums, Nick Casa on lead guitar and Kendall Wind on bass formed quickly and instantly began creating mayhem.

Their first album Beauty Pageant was released last year, but Quartin said their next album (coming out spring 2020/ name tbd), which will feature “Guttermilk,” feels more like their debut. That’s because Quartin wrote Beauty Pageant’s tracks before the band formed.

“This time it was everyone equally writing everything,” she says. “So, I feel like this is our first actual record.

This upcoming album has an edgier sound than the melodic classic rock/metal of Beauty Pageant. The grit comes courtesy of the band and its producer: underground punk legend Jon Spencer, of Pussy Galore and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

The Bobby Lees, “Radiator”

“Jon Spencer has been awesome—we’ve been really lucky,” Quartin says. “He asked us to play a show to open for him and we got along and [he] said he’d like to produce the record for us.”

The album doesn’t yet have a name or an official release date, just 11 hard-rocking tracks recorded to tape and ready to blow minds.

You can catch The Bobby Lees currently on tour through the Midwest and East Coast. In the meantime, listen to the entire interview along with tracks from Beauty Pageant and the newest single “Guttermilk” on this week’s The Music Meetup.