The Beaches On Their New EP & Opening for The Rolling Stones

Fresh off touring with Passion Pit and gearing up to open for The Rolling Stones, The Beaches are on fire. And are also literally lighting fires in their video for “Snake Tongue.”

The Canadian four-piece makes catchy songs about catcalling, falling in and out of love and not giving any fucks. The first of their three-part EP The Professional dropped in May, shortly after The Beaches released the video for “Snake Tongue,” the first single off The Professional.

The anti-catcalling anthem, “Snake Tongue,” calls out the creeps on the streets who get in ladies faces uninvited every single day. “Cold snake tongue stuck in between two fingers shaped like a V, why would you think I want to meet you?” The melody is kept fun and upbeat but the lyrics are bold and empowering.

In the video, sisters Jordan Miller (vocals/bass), Kylie Miller (guitar) and their bandmates Eliza Enman McDaniel (drums) and Leandra Earl (guitar/keys) headbang and sing in and on top of a car and burn objects of “male attention.” The band and other women set shoes, jewelry and clothes ablaze before the girls smash their ride to pieces. Whether they’re donning stilettos or dresses buttoned up all the way to the chin, they make it clear they’re not sacrificing their femininity or badassery for any man.

The Beaches, “Snake Tongue”

“[The director] wanted to stick with the original message of the song, but not make the video too preachy,” Miller tells BTRtoday. “[We’re] still talking about a pretty serious subject matter, but wanted to remain true to The Beaches tone, which is fun and not too serious.”

And even though they’ve shared the stage with big names like Passion Pit, Eagles of Death Metal and the Foo Fighters, their mantra has stayed never take anything too seriously. “Just remember that it’s supposed to be fun,” she says.

The band will play their biggest show to date opening for The Rolling Stones in Canada on 6/29. Miller says when she heard the news she was instantly put into a dreamlike state. “There’s like no way to get ready for it other than just practice,” she says. “I don’t think there’s any sort of emotional stuff you could do for an experience like that.”

They’ll be playing songs from The Professional that feature sounds similar to pioneering rockers like Joan Jett or Blondie, they’re going to be a perfect match for any Stones fan. Miller says the EP was especially exciting for them because it was their quickest turnaround. Their last LP, Late Show collected four years of material, so many of the songs felt stale for them. With The Professional EP they wrote music and within six months it was out.

“Oh, it feels so good—we really wanted to make sure we got it right and released the right, cohesive songs,” she says.

This is the first part of The Professional series of EPs. The second will include a song called “The Professional.” They named the EP series after that track because it sounds powerful but also is a tongue-in-cheek word for a call girl. “I think it’s a really cool name—[and] I thought it was funny,” Miller says.

They haven’t announced the release dates for the next two portions of The Professional. So while you wait, tune in to this week’s The Music Meetup to hear the entire interview with Jordan Miller and part one of this EP in its entirety.