TALIA Chats New ‘headrush’ EP & Getting Vulnerable

The multi-talented artist Tatiana Talia, or simply known as TALIA, grew up surrounded by all kinds of art. Her father was a musician and her mother a poet, so naturally, art became the way TALIA was able to express herself.

“For me, I don’t know any other way than to talk from my personal experiences,” she says about her music. “It’s just what comes naturally to me and it’s definitely scary to be so vulnerable and put that out there, but … it’s also refreshing and super empowering.”

Her debut EP headrush, released last month, is an imprint of TALIA’s heart. Each track explores several different genres but always keeps the beat steady and the vibe robustly emotional. Recorded during last year’s quarantine, TALIA says the tracks were written during moments where she was feeling just too much to keep to herself.


“A lot of headrush is just a release of my thoughts,” she says. “A lot of the songs I wrote in the moment—I’d just sit down and write the lyrics in 20 minutes and that was that because that’s what I was feeling right then and there.”

The last track on the EP, “getoutofmyhead” has even become a sort of mantra for TALIA and her friends. A tranquil one with heavenly vocals, the song gets nostalgic but also warns listeners not to get stuck focusing on past hurtful memories or feelings.

“‘getoutofmyhead’ is really a thesis statement for me,” she tells BTRtoday. “I tell myself [‘get out of my head’] when I find myself having intrusive thoughts or feeling down about life.”

TALIA isn’t just a musician, however—the NYC-based artist says she’s never really identified with just one creative outlet. Other than music, she’s also focusing on filmmaking, acting, and writing. She moved to NYC last year and says the city has been a great influence on her and that she’s excited to explore even more art.

“There’s a lot of creative energy that I want to tap into and be around [in NYC],” she says. “I’m excited to keep writing and releasing more music—I’m already playing around/experimenting with more genres and sounds… I’m also looking forward to the bigger visual projects that I have in the works, which is super cool.”

TALIA, “hyde park”

Listen to the entire interview with TALIA along with her debut EP headrush on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.