Swampmeat Family Band Count Their Lucky Stars with ‘Muck!’

They started over a decade ago as a duo, released a few singles, grew into a four-piece, and were getting ready to tour the release of their third LP Muck! this year. But COVID-19 hit and everything came to a screeching halt. They canceled the tour and contemplated postponing the release of the new album.

But it’s about the music for Swampmeat Family Band—so, Muck! comes out June 5 on PNK Slime Recordings.

Swampmeat Family Band, “Needle & Thread”

“Even though the unleashing into the wild, so to speak, has been problematic—we’re done and we’re really proud of it,” frontman Dan Finnemore tells BTRtoday. “I really thank our lucky stars that we got the album made before this [quarantine] happened.”

Though the band is apart, their sound is ever-evolving and they often have Zoom meetings about the music. Finnemore even got a chance to meet with musical partner Joni Coyne to record a cover of John Prine’s hit “In Spite Of Ourselves” after the legendary country/folk star died of coronavirus in April.

Swampmeat Family Band’s strong Americana vibes and twangy sound gears you up for a good ol’ fashioned cowboy-drinking-whiskey-at-a-honky-tonk time. The group provides grade-A old-school country pedal steel guitar and lyrics fit for a heartbroken ramblin’ man. You’d never guess this band, inspired by some of the greats from Nashville, Tenn., is actually from The Midlands, England.

You read that right—this four-piece from across the pond is satisfying your country music fix better than most current “country” stars out there. Muck! keeps that sound going strong with even more instrumentation and twangy arrangements. Get your heartstrings played with a crying slide guitar on “Baby’s Made Her Plans” and “Sleazy Rider,” or kick your cowboy boot heels up with an electric guitar strumming along with melodic vocals of “Friends In The Floor” and “Over Your Head.”

Swampmeat Family Band, “Long Way Down”

Muck! comes out June 5 via PNK Slime. Hear tracks from the album, plus all of the 2018 album Too Many Things To Hide and the interview with Dan Finnemore of Swampmeat Family Band in its entirety on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.