Surfbort Was Born To Scream & Dance

Surfbort’s debut LP Friendship Music will punch holes in your brain while teaching you to love yourself and everyone around you.

While their music seems driven by anxiety and anger, Surfbort is all about peace, love and understanding. Friendship Music isn’t just an album title. It’s what this band is all about.

“Believe in yourself, treat yourself right, love yourself, love your fellow human and have empathy for other humans,” frontwoman Dani Miller says to me before we said our goodbyes over the phone. “Let’s all fucking have fun and love each other.”

Surfbort was on tour with The Black Lips and Iceage and had just played Phoenix and were heading to Dallas. “It’s like the best tour ever,” Miller says in her raspy, friendly voice.

The album starts with Miller screaming “having an attack” three times before adding “I don’t know what the fuck to do” along with edgy, distorted guitar riffs and bone-rattling drums. It feels like what punk rock is truly all about.

“The way to be punk is first spit in your hand and rub it on your face, then you start writing a song,” Miller says jokingly about the creative process of their debut album.

The intensity comes natural to Miller.

“I feel like I was born to do this—to scream and dance with people and connect with humans on a deeper level… it’s really been so much fun,” Miller says.

On Surfbort’s love songs, like “Slushy” and “Les Be In Love,” Miller’s raspy vocals convey romance with lyrics like “you always get a candy bar/ I always get a beer/ you like me that way/ slushy, don’t go away.”

Surfbort, “Les Be In Love”


Surfbort, “Slushy”

As high energy as their recordings are, their live performances are somehow even fiercer. But that doesn’t mean the band stops being friendly. Surfbort shows are always full of friends, future friends, lovers, potential lovers and, sometimes, even family. For their record release show Miller says her parents were beaming with pride. “My mom’s always like, ‘you’re getting way better than when I first saw you when you were 20’ and then my dad just cries—we all hang,” says Miller.

At this same show, Miller’s shirt came off a few times, bodies were flying up in the air and the crowd was a moshing whirlwind.

Surfbort came together after Sean Powell saw Miller barf up a burrito on stage while performing with a punk band. Despite the puke, she didn’t miss a note. Powell joined her as a drummer and eventually the band grew into the four-piece today with David Head and Alex Kilgore on guitars (that’s right: no bass).

Though Friendship Music was only released this past October, they already have at least forty new songs ready to record. Currently, Surfbort is on tour with fellow lawless and loveable punk rockers Amyl & The Sniffers in Australia. Hear the entire interview with frontwoman Dani Miller and all of Friendship Music on this week’s The Music Meetup.