STAR Frontwoman Chats About Evil Forces Working Against Everyone

The Chicago-based trio, STAR has been around since the mid-2000s. Made up of husband and wife Shannon Roberts and Theodore Beck and friend/guitarist Scott Cortez. The fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll band released their sophomore album The Violence Against STAR just last month.

Roberts tells BTRtoday that the album has been a long time coming, with some of these song being written years ago, but there have been a few snags in the releasing process—Beck getting cancer, for one.

“He’s [Beck] worked so hard on this album the past few years, so we just wanted to throw it out there while it was finished and pressed,” Roberts says. “In a way, it’s really emotional putting this out because it might be the last album that I get to work on with him.”

Roberts is also in another project called Future Silence, but it’s STAR that always felt more hands-on for her. She and Beck work together on the music in their home and Roberts says working with her husband has made it easier for her to express exactly what she’s trying to get out of a song, even if she doesn’t have the words for it.

“If there’s something I have a problem with or I’m just not liking the song, I can just say to [Beck], ‘this needs to do something,’” she says. “And within the hour Ted can have it do whatever I needed it to do.”

The newest album Violence Against STAR is a distorted, fuzzy dream. Each track bursts with melody and soothing vocals delicately laying down unique imagery with every sound. Roberts says it’s dedicated to all the forces that seem to work against them when things are just starting to look up.

“Everything was just going against us all the time,” she says. “Also, there’s just always so many bad things going on in the world and they seem to just snowball over the years as well, so you’re always fighting against some horrible force out there.”

Even with that gloomy inspiration behind the songs, they robustly boost a hopeful mindset rather than an unfortunate one. “To listen to it now in the predicament that I’m in, it’s been giving me a lot of comfort lately,” she says. “So, I hope that it can do that for other people too.”

Listen to the entire interview with STAR’s Shannon Roberts along with Violence Against STAR in its entirety on this week’s The Music Meetup.