Spooky Fall Music Meetup Special!

If you think I’m trying to overshadow today’s dumb holiday, Columbus Day, by celebrating Halloween three weeks early, then you’d be absolutely right. Christopher Columbus can eat my shorts, while ghosts and ghouls can borrow my shorts whenever they want.

Anyway, to celebrate Halloween MONTH I’ve dedicated an entire episode to some of the spookier tracks from artists featured on the show in 2020. The year has been full of shocking and scary moments to send chills down your spine, so I didn’t have to look far to make a scary playlist of contemporary songs. Plus you can click on the artist to hear their Music Meetup episode where we play their music and chat about all kinds of wild things.

So get out that fake blood and listen to this while you squirt it all over your face and thank the demons deep inside of you for keeping you grounded.

Happy Halloween month!

Listen to the entire episode here


Catholic Action, “Grange Hell (South in London D)”


Brandy, “(Wish You Was) Madball Baby”


The Dead Milkmen, “Welcome to the End of the World”


Phono Pony, “Freak Out”


Thick, “Mansplain”


The OBGMs, “Beat Up Kidz”


The Paranoyds, “Carnage Bargain”


Yonatan Gat, “Cue the Machines”


HNRY FLWR, “As Above, So Below”


Kahiem Rivera, “Smokin’ Weed with the Devil” ft. Jafé


Baba Ali, “Grim Chin”


Immaterial Possession, “Rising Moons”


Nana Adjoa, “Love and Death”


Swampmeat Family Band, “The Ballarat Ghost”


Danny Denial, “White Tears, Fake Queers” ft. Rat Queen, Dirty Dirty, Slow Elk, & Razor Clam