Spinning Coin Talks Touring With Real Estate, Dedication & New Album

Despite their heavy Glasgow accents, Spinning Coin’s music has crystal clarity.

The quintet plays soothing rock ‘n’ roll with a hint of psych. The tracks from their newest album Permo, just released last month, range from steady and tender to chaotic and passionate. The opening song “Raining On Hope Street” begins with gentle distorted strums of the guitar and quickly transitions into catchy lyrics that are so emotional and relatable that they linger in your head for hours later.

“It’s about permanence,” Spinning Coin guitarist and singer Jack Mellin tells BTRtoday, “That we’re dedicated to playing music all the time.”

Mellin started with music when his father encouraged him to pick up the guitar when he was only 11. “The first person I got into was The Doors and Jimi Hendrix,” he says. “Then Nirvana blew my mind—from there it was loads of punk and indie stuff.”

Before Spinning Coin, the band members played in other music projects that leaned towards noisy rock. After they all came together in Glasgow, they decided to play together and the band blossomed. Coming from a noisy background, they all naturally leaned towards a mellower sound–creating what you hear from Spinning Coin now.

Comprised of Sean Armstrong (vocals, guitar), Cal Donnelly (bass), Jack Mellin (vocals, guitar), Rachel Taylor (vocals, keyboards) and Chris White (drums), the band is constantly writing and touring.

Spinning Coin – Permo

Earlier this year they toured Europe with indie super-group Real Estate. “They’re just some really chill guys,” Mellin says. He explains that the current music scene in the U.K. is very DIY heavy and communal.

“You don’t really need to be particularly popular to be able to tour this scene,” Mellin says. “People who listen to you are very friendly, non-competitive, collaborations and I think that’s really healthy.”

Spinning Coin only made it to the U.S. during South By Southwest playing a few shows in March. Mellin says they fully intend on returning, hopefully sometime next year.

This month they’ll be playing shows with Dinosaur Jr.

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