Special Music Meetup Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner Playlist

The holidays are upon us once again. And just like every year, it’s a scary, overwhelming and stressful time.

Maybe you’re struggling to find reasons to be thankful for spending time with relatives you haven’t seen since the last holiday season. If your family is like mine, you’re going to argue over whether Thanksgiving is a celebration of genocide, “when will I get grandchildren?” why having kids is adding to the pollution problem, etc.—you get the picture. I can already feel the blood rushing to my head just thinking about it.

To help ease the pain of the holiday season, for your sake and mine, I’ve used this episode of The Music Meetup to create a playlist of soothing indie songs. Each song is by an artist that’s been featured on The Music Meetup this year, so you can go back to hear more music by them and an interview with the artist.

In the meantime, click play and try to relax.

Flamin’ Groovies “Whiskey Woman”

This classic 1970s groove of this Flamin’ Groovies track puts anyone into a good mood.


Levitation Room “Friends” and “Stars Speak Softly”

Followed by these contemporary garage-psych rockers to continue to provide the smooth tunes.


The Shivas “Over & Over” and “Can You Feel It Too?”

This Portland band really gets rockin’, but these are the two tracks that show their sensitive side.


Kelsey Waldon “My Epitaph” and “Run Away”

Nothing like a comforting southern accent and twangy jams to keep you happy.

Kelsey Waldon “Run Away” live


Liz Brasher “Every Day” and “Cold Baby”

Liz Brasher’s powerful vocals can distract anyone who seems like they’re about to lose it.

Liz Brasher “Cold Baby”


Palehound “Killer” and “In Town”

Feeling tense? Palehound has the power to make you relax and let it all go.


Tonks “Running Downhill” and “You Aren’t Missing Anything”

This indie sad boy knows how to make you think about everybody’s feelings and not just your own.

Head to this week’s episode to play the entire playlist.