Special Music Meetup Spooky Halloween Playlist

Halloween is the best holiday. Change my mind.

Its spectacularly spooky essence possesses everyone. You either love it or cry like a scared little baby. If you’re the latter, then don’t even bother pressing play on the playlist below—you’ll be too spooked.

If you’re the brave kind, welcome my fellow child of darkness. Below are the spookiest of songs from artists who have been featured on this year’s The Music Meetup. Welcome to the Halloween special.

Listen at your own risk. (Check out the entire episode here.)


Bambara “Backyard”

This band thrashes out dark and mysterious stories over eerie melodies similar to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds or Swans.


Empath “Pure Intent” & “Rodeo Fever”

Empath will get your heart pumping. The two songs are perfect for your running sequence away from ghouls, fools or monsters.


Sabrina Is Not In This Chat “It’s Been A Weird Day”

This is the song playing while you’re arguing with your inner demons.  I have no idea whose side the song take, but its melody is highly addictive.


A Deer A Horse “Cold Shoulder” & “Double Wide”

These dark metal indie thrashers aren’t afraid of anything and will have you screaming along instantly.

“Cold Shoulder”

“Double Wide” for BTRtv Live Studio


The Bobby Lees “Deem Em Dead” & “Guttermilk”

Gritty vocals and fast melodies are combined with blues-rock and punk rock for the most thrilling musical experience possible.



Ex Hex “Tough Enough” & “Rainbow Shiner”

Scooby-Doo’s Hex Girls were all about Halloween and even though Ex Hex has no relation, they too represent the holiday well with their riotous tunes.

“Tough Enough”

“Rainbow Shiner”


Shrouded Strangers “Locust Heart”

The distorted vocals will spook you into grooving.


Dentist “Night Swimming” & “Alone In the Garden”

This pop-punk/indie rock band will thrust you into a world that’s dark and confusing—but hella catchy.

“Night Swimming”

“Alone In the Garden”


Skux “Painted Blank”

Another fast and chaotic punk banger that’ll make your bones rattle.

“Painted Blank”


Cherry Glazerr “Stupid Fish”

The vocals from sweet and sooth to guttural screams. It’ll make your blood boil.


Deep State “Dozer” & “Bad Lines”

These catchy pop-punk songs spiral into emotional mayhem.


The Exbats “I’m A Witch”

This song is a perfect Halloween anthem. I mean, just listen to the chorus. “I’m not a bitch, I’m a witch?” Are you kidding me?


“I’m A Witch”