Sløtface Shines Through the Dark Norwegian Winter

It’s been three cold, dark months for Sløtface. But that hasn’t stopped them from releasing their sophomore album Sorry For the Late Reply.

Sorry For the Late Reply is an appropriate title. It’s the Stavanger, Norway four-piece’s first album since their 2017 Try Not To Freak Out in 2017. While they’ve been quiet, they still have plenty to shout about. Especially since they live in northern Norway, where the sun doesn’t rise from November until the end of January.

Sløtface [pronounced like “slut face”] frontwoman Haley Shea says the Norwegian winters shape her art. In the first half of the winter, she focuses on figuring out the best time to fall asleep. After weeks of darkness and regulating her rest, she’s had it with the darkness and ready to rock.

“The frustration of [winter] has to come out somewhere,” she tells BTRtoday. “It can be good fuel, especially if you’re in a band that likes to write music about stuff you’re angry about or tired of.”

Sløtface, “Sink or Swim”

Sorry For the Late Reply came out last Friday on Nettwerk/Propeller Recordings. The album is 13 tracks about sleepless nights, frustrating failures, political disappointment and haunting thoughts. The intro track “S.U.C.C.E.S.S” kicks off the album by handling a serious subject of pushing and pressuring yourself to your limits with brattiness and humor.

“[The track] is all about wanting to push yourself really hard and be better and do things better,” Shea says. “Especially if you feel a little bit different—you might have an extra level of things to prove.”

Shea’s favorite track on the album, “Luminous,” tackles a singer/songwriter vibe that’s a departure from their usual pop-punk/ 90s grunge sound.

“With ‘Luminous’ I think we’re really good at just keeping the song in focus and trying to make it as strong a song as possible,” she says. “In this record, we’re a lot more into singer/songwriter-y stuff—I think that has definitely bled into the record and a lot of the songs are slower and more stripped down.”

Though the indie rockers don’t have plans to hit the U.S. anytime soon, their Norway/Europe tour starts on Valentine’s Day. For now, listen to Sorry For the Late Reply and the interview with frontwoman Haley Shea in its entirety on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.