Shrouded Strangers Have Shredded Since the ‘90s

Aaron Carlson and Mike Scutari have been raging since ‘96 and they don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

They’ve played together in bands ranging from goofy garage rock to psychedelic folk before landing on hazy experimental indie rock. They now live on separate sides of the country, Carlson in Harrisburg, PA and Scutari in Big Sur, CA but joined up for a killer new album in May called Night Prancing.

“The creative process was really, really, really super-condensed,” Carlson says. The previous album, Teleport Beach, was the culmination of a year of putzing around Big Sur and recording by the shore. And with their debut album, the entire writing and recording process only took them 30 hours and 30 Coors Lights. Night Prancing was completely different from those loose and leisurely composed albums.

Night Prancing was created quickly, in cramped conditions. Most of the album was written during three days spent in a claustrophobic Brooklyn basement where they rocked all day and slept among their drums

“After we made [Night Prancing] I felt like I had just had a baby,” he says. “It was very intense and kind of washed over me.”

Shrouded Strangers, “To Think I Was Someone Else”

The result, Night Prancing, is 11 tracks of indie rock heaven. Carlson says it must be heard in its entirety for the full effect. Echo-drenched guitar, drums and bass swirl around like a ghost ship in a storm while Carlson’s dreamy vocals float to the surface and pull you into the depths.

Catch them in NYC Oct. 11 at Brooklyn’s Alphaville with BIRDS. In the meantime, listen to the entire interview with Shrouded Strangers’ Aaron Carlson and Night Prancing on this week’s The Music Meetup.