Scott Yoder Creates Glam Punk

Scott Yoder has morphed into a badass and beautiful musical butterfly.

Before the Seattle native launched his solo career, he fronted the garage band The Pharmacy. Yoder felt at home in the band’s gritty rock. But something was missing.

Now, having too full lengths and two EPs, Yoder has blossomed into his true self—a mixture of punk rock and glam.

“To a certain degree it was a reconnection with how I felt all along,” he tells BTRtoday about his transformation. “It’s more of a further exploration—the deeper layer of onion that I’ve been peeling off.”

His sophomore album A Fool Aloof, released this past summer, is full of dark undertones with eerie sounds and heart-pounding drum solos. While it keeps a punk rock essence, it bursts with catchy power pop. Even in all its epic glam punk glory, the album’s odes to lost loves and missed communication are extremely relatable—even though Yoder can sometimes be a hard person to relate to.

“I can be a pretty distant and even alienating personality at times and there’s always a little foolishness in bridging gaps with people,” Yoder says about A Fool Aloof. “It’s really how I think of myself in a lot of ways, somebody that is self-deprecating—some of my songwriting stems from those experiences.”

Tracks like “Goodbye Lady Day” and “Where Are They Now” start with steady beats and slowly transitions into distorted guitar and harmonized vocals. It feels unnerving but it creates a tune that sticks around in your head.

Scott Yoder “Ways Of Love”

Yoder says “Where Are They Now” is his favorite to play live. “I can’t put my finger on why,” he says. “But it’s usually the first song and has the right kind of energy.”

The live performance from Yoder is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Though still elements of garage and punk, Yoder performs in face paint wearing his a cape and white gloves and controls the lightning himself on stage

“[The lighting] has replaced the guitar pedal as a light pedal,” Yoder says. “A big part of the satisfaction I get out of this is still having that personal control of how things look and are morph [on stage].”

Yoder plans to release a 7-inch every other month throughout next year. “I’m always writing new songs and getting way ahead of myself,” he says. This current tour he mostly plays music off his debut album Looking Back In Blue, but intends on evolving the live show.

Hear the entire interview and A Fool Aloof< in its entirety on this week’s The Music Meetup.