Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs Brings Power Pop To The Working Class

Moving from the garage to the dance floor—these guys are ready to rock.

Toronto-based group Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs have transitioned from gritty sounds and scrappy looks to matching denim vests and studded jumpsuits. However, they’re still D.I.Y. at heart. The band of six musical friends has now embraced their power pop side.

“I think this album is our ‘getting out of the garage’ album,” frontman Sam Coffey tells BTRtoday. “We tried to make a record that reflected what bands did 30 years ago that not many are doing now, bands like Cheap Trick and Bruce Springsteen.”

This summer, they released their second self-titled album, which Coffey hopes has zero garage undertones. It was also the first time they recorded in a professional studio instead of their typical garage or garage-like environment.

Coffey says the tracks “Ragnarok,” “Teenage Release” and “PhD” are his favorite on the album because he really got out of his comfort zone when writing them. The songs shine a light on a more colorful side to Coffey. Though still power pop/ rock ‘n’ roll, they provide poppier melodies, sweeter vocals and more lighthearted lyrics than the rest of the album.

He also admits that most people say their live shows are better than their recordings.

“There’s a lot of jumping around,” he says. “We have very energetic live shows and people have always commented that our live shows really take the record up a notch for them—it’s probably what we do best.”

Coffey is a 230 pound, balding man who unzips his studded bodysuit to his belly button on stage. The live show is rowdy and uncomfortable, but lively and electrifying—a must-have experience.

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs - Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs – s/t

Having come up in the Toronto garage scene with bands like The Dirty Nil and Pup, they will always have their dingy dive bar edge. However, now they’re bringing their hair metal and power pop sounds to those dark and dirty corners.

“I think we’re a working man or person’s band,” he says. “Our tastes aren’t that eclectic and our music is easily accessible by anyone but it’s still good music.”

Coffey says he’s constantly writing new music but intends to keep pushing this newest release. “We had a really good year this year [2017] as a band and I’m hoping to keep that going and start the new record,” he says. “Everything is band focused these days.”

For the new year, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs are planning to hit many U.S. and Canadian music festival this summer.

To hear the entire interview with Sam Coffey and listen to their most recent release tune into this week’s The Music Meetup.