Sabrina Is Not In This Chat For Thick Skin Only

Nobody really knows Sabrina, and Sabrina Is Not In This Chat is keeping it that way.

“We don’t know who she is and she’s not in the chat because she is being excluded,” guitarist and frontwoman Olivia DeBonis says. The trio—comprised of her, Maddie Calderon (bass/vocals) and Sienna LeMere (drums)—likes the name not only because group chat drama is a real problem in today’s society, but also because the long name catches your eye and makes you smile.

“We honestly got a lot of shit for making it be so long at first,” Calderon laughs. “When we were opening we’d be the biggest thing on the flyer.”

I hopped on a group phone call with Sabrina Is Not In This Chat to talk about their debut album Not Recommended For Sensitive Skin, the making of the band and touring.

The West Coast punk trio plays fast thrashers that melt the skin clean off your face and kick you right out of the group chat. But don’t be mad—their album name also serves as a disclaimer. Their songs are full of dark and dirty distortion, their lyrics a warning set to heavy beats that make you paranoid. Their gritty garage punk sound came straight from the womb of a D.I.Y. space in L.A. and has blossomed over three years into the band you hear today.

The trio agrees that the debut album perfectly portrays their evolution.

“The first couple of songs are just songs Sienna and I wrote before Maddie started jamming with us, so those are just starting off songs,” DeBonis says. “You listen to some of the songs and they’re more simple, but then the last two songs that we wrote are like the craziest songs we’ve ever written—it’s very much like a slope or a hill going up.”

“I’ve always been really choppy with my words, but that’s a way to get it out,” Calderon adds about the songwriting process. “This is the only sincere honest way I feel like I can express myself, so anything I’m feeling in the moment really goes into that.”

Many memorable moments the trio share happens while on tour. They all agree the “moms” inside of them really shine when Sabrina Is Not In This Chat hits the road.

“We’re all very on top of our stuff [while on tour]—we’re all mommies,” DeBonis says. “It’s like some serious time,” Calderon adds. “Being in each other’s shit every moment of every part of the day for like two weeks is intense and I wouldn’t want to do it with anybody else.”

They published a tour documentary via YouTube called Down By The Bay that shows the trio’s dynamic. It features short clips of live shows, breaks between driving and the three of them just having a great time.

Sabrina Is Not In This Chat 2018 Tour

Sabrina Is Not In This Chat is working on putting together a tour for this summer. In the meantime listen to the entire group chat and Not Recommended For Sensitive Skin in its entirety on this week’s The Music Meetup.