S.G. Goodman’s Music Comments On What’s Happening in the World

Set aflame by her surroundings in Western Kentucky, S.G. Goodman’s old-school twang/fresh Americana rock expresses more than country music’s classic lovesick blues.

The solo musician uses her platform as an artist to not only process her own emotions but also to address serious ailments in humanity—like a lack of empathy, socio-economic difficulties, and her home state’s longtime battle with workers’ rights.

S.G. Goodman “Space And Time”

“At the end of the day, I’m a craftsman and I enjoy writing about universal themes like love and heartbreak, those are important things to talk about,” Goodman tells BTRtoday. “It’s just…I feel like musicians and artists have an obligation to actually be commenters on what’s really happening in the world—like, why as a society do we look at things [a certain] way?”

Her last album, Old Time Feeling, gently brings to light themes of societal injustices, but never in a preachy way. Goodman’s music is able to enlighten you without guilting you, while also providing sweet and catchy melodies.

S.G. Goodman “Old Time Feeling”

The essence of old-school country is not lost in Goodman’s music with sounds reminiscent of Patsy Cline or Kitty Wells. However, she gives us fresher instrumentation and production that feels more similar to contemporary Americana or pop-rock artists like Angel Olsen or Margo Price.

“It’s not like I set out or sit down one day and say, ‘I’m just gonna write a politically themed song,’” Goodman adds about her songwriting. “I think it more speaks to the fact that I write from personal experience—as a Kentuckian, we have a long-standing history when it comes to worker’s rights and the socio-economic plight [and] I think that I’m just adding a little color to a picture that’s been started a long time ago. I take that very seriously.”

S.G. Goodman “The Way I Talk”

Goodman says she’s currently in the studio working on new music, but in the meantime has some socially distant shows lined up in the near future [find tickets here]. Listen to the entire interview here along with Old Time Feeling in its entirety on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.