Ryan Laetari Is a Big Boy Now

Ryan Laetarit wants the world to know he’s all grown up.

The Coco Verde guitarist and solo artist showed BTRtoday that he really is a big boy by paying us a visit to drink beers and talk music. We discuss his move from Wichita, KS to NYC and meeting Coco Verde, living in a tent and his latest album Big Boy.

The first half of the album was recorded in a tent he lived in from August to December in his brother’s backyard in Brooklyn. Laetari would’ve stayed in that tent, but NYC winters get too rough and his album ended on a cleaner cut note. The combination of backyard and studio recording creates a mature mixture of music and lyrics. Its melodies are simple, while lyrics can go from dark and heavy to sweet and innocent.

Big Boy is a collection of dry-cut pop songs with a hint of twang. He thought “I’m a big boy now,” was a funny way to express his newfound maturity but ultimately he went with Big Boy for the sake of simplicity.

“It’s a joke but it’s for real too because a bunch of the songs are feeling like I just moved here so, I’m a big boy now, you know?” he says. “I’m here in the big city—big boy, big city.”

The title track “Big Boy” is stripped-down indie pop featuring Laetari singing about being an adult along to simple picks of the guitar and an easy-going drum beat.

Laetari has written music since high school and has already self-released two full-lengths and two EPs as a solo artist.

Ryan Laetari “Let Me Feel”

Now he’s out of the tent and living with a couple of his Coco Verde bandmates. Everyone but the drummer in Coco Verde works at a burger joint called Blue Collar and they’ve been cooking up the idea of a food truck tour.

“We’ve joked about that for way too long about selling burgers by day and then playing shows by night across America,” he says. “We’re trying to talk the owner into it.”

Laetari has three local shows coming up on July 12, 13 and 30 in Brooklyn. In the meantime, listen to the entire in-studio interview with Lateria and Big Boy in its entirety on this week’s The Music Meetup.