Roman Darkholme Brings a “Big Gay Extravaganza” with Thirst Trap Live

Roman Darkholme has many talents. During quarantine last year, he decided to merge them all to create the epic show he calls Thirst Trap Live.

There’s a lot of talents to merge, though. Darkholme is an animator, musician, sound/video editor, and overall lavish performer. And the multi-media artist used every one of those skills to create a tongue-in-cheek sexy pop-up show. The energetic performance features Darkholme, shirtless, singing sensually to an audience while dancing his own choreography to his own video visualizations playing in the background—on a screen he built himself.

Thirst Trap Live has popped up on many New York City street corners and has recently started making appearances in venues.

“It’s almost like when you go see a show at a big stadium, there might be a flash of light that coincides with a clap of music and everything is choreographed,” Darkholme tells BTRtoday. “Usually, they have like 15 people in the booth doing all that stuff, but I was like ‘well, I don’t know, I’m having an existential crisis…why don’t I just do a little bit of engineering and get it done myself?’ So, it’s a big gay extravaganza.”

Who Is Roman? from Roman Darkholme on Vimeo.

Born and raised in the small town of Milwaukie, Ore., Darkholme says he used the stage as an outlet for not just his creativity, but his repressed sexuality.

“I came out to my mom when I was 13 or 12, but I couldn’t be out in school, cause it would’ve just been…it just wouldn’t have worked. I’ve always been gay, [but now] I’ve put it up front a lot more by dancing in public,” he says. “So I think for a lot of people who feel like they’re being stifled, or especially for gay/queer people, there is that thing of getting into the arts or sports as an outlet to express yourself, and performance, we see that in the gay community as an expression. This form has been how people get out of their shell and show who they are, so I definitely felt that.”

Darkholme started with drawing his own comics, which put him on the path towards animation. Eventually, he moved to New York, started making his own music, and performing. He credits famous drag performer Trixie Mattell as one of his greatest inspirations. Her multi-creative show paved the way for Darkholme to be unafraid of merging his own unique talents into one.

“It was developing all those skill sets separately,” he says, “Then the epiphany was putting them all together in a way that allowed me to make something that is pretty unique.”

Roman Darkholme “Party Boy”

Thirst Trap Live lives up to Darkholme’s description of a “big gay extravaganza” and then some. His confident character on stage showers the audience in energy and gives the room (or sidewalk) a taste of his own performance high. As the lights flash and the highly sexualized-yet-playful lyrics keep the vibes light and everyone ecstatic. Pop music pours from the amplifiers and it’s simply impossible to have a bad time at Thirst Trap Live.

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