Rocker Jessica Boudreaux Embraces A Softer Side In ‘No Fury’

The Summer Cannibals frontwoman has gone pop—but it’s a natural fit.

Sure, you’d expect the Summer Cannibals singer to be driven by anger and angst. But Jessica Boudreaux tells BTRtoday she’s actually sensitive deep down inside.

“With this record, I wanted to embrace a different side of myself, she says. “In real life I’m not an angry person; I’m more emotional than I am angry.”

Boudreaux didn’t need to go solo. Summer Cannibals is her project and she writes most of their material. Her decision to explore pop came during a rough breakup. Boudreaux’s urge to write rock was just not as strong as her urge to create something danceable and uplifting.

“When I was going through romantic troubles last year I didn’t want to write rock music—it just wasn’t feeling right or coming naturally, so I started writing these pop songs and then it turned into a record,” she says.

“I like music that can funnel deep emotions into something that still makes you want to dance and smile—it’s a really unique way to process sad emotions, just put them into a pop songs,” she says. “I definitely wasn’t trying to be a radio pop record, [I was] just taking pop songwriting basics.”

Jessica Boudreaux – No Fury

No Fury is a bubbly pop record—however, it still has influences from bands like The Wipers, Patti Smith and even Ty Segall.

“I feel like I can’t help but lean more towards rock stuff,” Boudreaux adds.

Boudreaux says she didn’t really start listening to rock until college, or really right before she started Summer Cannibals six years ago.

“I grew up on pop music—I saw N’Sync three times, I saw Britney spears a couple times and that was the first music that I loved,” she says. “When I started playing with Summer Cannibals that was during the height of the Bay Area psych and punk scene—I started to love Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall and a lot of those bands.”

She says her next pop album is going to be more experimental, playing around with more synth and dance melodies.

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