Riffing & Doing Chores with NYC’s Brandy

Remember when The Music Meetup chatted with The Dead Milkmen’s Rodney Anonymous, one of the founding fathers of satirical punk? Well, NYC’s punk trio Brandy is a contemporary example of what’s blossomed from this serious-yet-facetious side of punk rock.

During the chat with Brandy, guitarist Jordan Lovelace stayed busy doing his household chores, while drummer Peter Buxton, bassist Matthew Hord, and I riffed about being an unGoogleable band, how streaming live performances can be pointless, and the strength of the NYC music scene—cushioned by plenty of laughs.

Brandy “UFOs 2 Heaven”

Though their Instagram suggests they’ve only been around since 2019, Brandy’s Bandcamp shows them going back to 2018 with their debut album Laugh Track. Plus, last Friday they released their sophomore LP The Gift of Repetition on Total Punk Records. However, the trio says they’ve actually been going strong for many more years than their internet presence suggests.

“The thing is, just like every other band, we’re not new, it’s just nobody knows about us or cares, [which] we’re used to from our former bands,” Buxton laughs. “But, we’re happy to have this record coming out.”

Their band name being basically unGoogleable probably contributes to their obscurity, but the trio agrees that they like it that way.

“I want people to struggle to find us as much as we struggled making the music,” Hord says. “And that goes for every project I’ve ever been a part of.”

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Their quick and aggressive melodic punk rock riffs reveal a serious trio with a lot to shout about; all three add vocals to the mix. However, their aggression is always paired with lightheartedness. Each of the tracks on the new album The Gift of Repetition, like “Dangle” and “UFOs to Heaven,” keep the beat robust and heavy, yet their vibe is still able to express that you shouldn’t take life too seriously.

Our conversation was filled with laughter and sarcasm, but it was clear that these three are unafraid to stand up for what they believe in. They made sure to emphasize the importance of Black Lives Matter and defunding the police before adding that they liked oysters—keeping their reputation of combining seriousness and silliness strong.

Listen to the entire interview with Brandy on this week’s The Music Meetup along with their new album The Gift of Repetition in its entirety. (Get the vinyl here!)