Queen’s Pleasure’s Jurre Otto Sums Up Debut EP ‘Panic From Dublin’

Pop culture might portray being in a band as just partying and traveling with your friends. There might be a few arguments, but nothing a little cocaine and music-making can’t fix, as portrayed by Fleetwood Mac.

But Amsterdam-based rockers Queen’s Pleasure shows the truth of being in a band—it’s a lot of fucking work. It’s not just a constant flow of inspiration and celebration, though there’s plenty of that too. You have to tirelessly cultivate your own creativity, help each other feel inspired as a band, and also just figure out how to get along.

Frontman Jurre Otto tells BTRtoday that Queen’s Pleasure is at a wonderful stage in their band’s life, but it wasn’t always easy. They even reached the brink of breaking up twice.

“We had a bit of a rough time pre-corona…with some difficulty in the band,” Otto says. “Now, it’s at the point where it’s really going great. I mean, when we started we were like 14, so we’ve grown and have progressed really nicely.”

Queen’s Pleasure, “Panic From Dublin”

Queen’s Pleasure recently released their debut EP Panic From Dublin. With intricate instrumentation and catchy vocals, it sets the stage for a mature rock band with nowhere else to go but up. Reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys’ indie rock combined with some late ‘70s Wire post-punk, Queen’s Pleasure stands out in the current music scene.

The title track kicks off the EP with an in-your-face melody but keeps the vibes emotional. Otto has perfected a way to still sound punk rock while also tenderly baring his entire soul.

“It started as the weird one—the subjects that I talk about are really personal and it’s really hard to just say sometime to the other guys [bandmates],” Otto says. “With ‘Panic From Dublin’ they were like, ‘what is this [song] about?’ and I had like a week to figure it out for myself—[laughs] it’s all just so personal, you know?”

Queen’s Pleasure EP Release Show

Though the pandemic has made it impossible for them to tour on this new EP, Otto hopes they’ll be able to hit the road for their debut LP—slated to come out later this summer. In the meantime, listen to the full interview with Queen’s Pleasure’s Jurre Otto and Panic From Dublin on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.


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