Praise Rock ‘N’ Roll Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus called us from deep in the Swedish woods.

That’s not a statement of faith. It’s just something that happened.

Swedish psych-garage rock band Baby Jesus reached us by phone while they were working on music in their place in the woods. The band released their sophomore album Took Our Songs Away this past September and plan to head to the states in March.

When the four members of Baby Jesus first jammed together, the result leaned toward classic rock. But when they wrote the track “It Don’t Matter Anymore” for this most recent album that they knew their destiny was in garage.

“We found the sound within our own music writing,” the band tells BTRtoday. “[“It Don’t Matter Anymore”] was pure garage—when we made that song we could all feel that this was going to be the sound for us and it felt really good,” the band says.

The album took over a year and half to record, with several of the songs developing during the process. “The first album was a live recording, like we would rehearse them and then record them [for the album],” they say. “When we recorded it [Took Our songs Away] we started to use the tape recorder… we had four channels to work with—so we experimented with rhythm instruments that we hadn’t used in that way before.”

Their debut self-titled album that they released in 2015 took a grittier approach with a stronger psychedelic vibe, but still taps into their current garage sound.

“We’ve known each other for a long time and have listened to a bunch of different kinds of music, it just came naturally,” Baby Jesus says about evolving into garage rock. “We listened to a lot of music together and found out about new bands together and it just fell into place.”

They band writes collaboratively and pulls inspiration from feelings, not thoughts.

“It’s kind of deep stuff that you usually don’t think of, but you feel them,” they say. “So, then you’re trying to get them on paper.”

Follow them on all their socials to see if they’re playing in a town near you this spring. And tune into this week’s episode of The Music Meetup to hear the entire interview with Baby Jesus and the album Took Our Sons Away.