Pinc Louds Is All About The Love

Claudi Love’s Pinc Louds combines all the best parts of NYC into one band. They’re underground, yet inclusive; they’re unique yet relatable and they encourage people to let their true selves shine.

When BTRtoday caught up with Love and drummer Rai Mundo, they said the two-and-a-half-year-old project has grown from something small into the collaborative performance experience of today. “It’s been a project where people come and help and offer to do things, like offer to do videos, and they want to collaborate and it’s kind of been that way and has kept on growing,” Love says. “We want to make it a complete experience for everyone—not just a rock show, but really be inside that magic.”

Pinc Louds, “Shaking”

Now composed of Love (guitar/vocals/kalimba), Rai Mundo (drums/vocals), Ofer Bear (bass), Marc Mosteirin (keys) and La Pelé (percussions/vocals) the band mixes catchy pop melody with punk rock—lots of vocal flourishes mixed with passionate howls backed by dancey riffs and beats. Love’s vocals hit high and low notes like it’s nothing but keep a gritty edge. The lyrics are so relatable you feel like you’ll never be alone again.

“It’s been very easy and magical the whole process, it hasn’t felt labored at all,” Love says. “It’s been a real happiness for me.”

Love always performs in her signature bright pink dress with life-sized puppets and puppeteers dancing with the crowd to music inspired by the characters of NYC that make the city so colorful.

This past April Pinc Louds released Delancey St. Station, an album Love says came from being in the namesake subway station for maybe a little bit too long. “You start seeing things and it influences the sounds you start making,” she says.

The album tells a story from start to finish. “It’s a full experience; that is one of the main attributes of the album, that it’s almost one song with beautiful intermissions in between,” he says. “We did it with a lot of love and a lot of effort.”

Pinc Louds, “Soul In My Body”

Love has always wanted to have a band. Originally from Puerto Rico, Love found herself constantly getting lost with her heads in the clouds. When she was little she wanted to name her band Pink Clouds, but grew up and forgot. One day, now an adult, Love remembered and called her project Pinc Louds (rearranging the letters to keep it interesting). The core members met at a Day of The Dead party, where Love was gifted the pink dress that became her signature look and Pinc Louds was finally born. “It was like in one day everything came together,” she says. “Then everything made sense.”

Catch Pinc Louds at Elsewhere on July 8 and Knitting Factory on August 25. Until then, listen to the full interview and all of Delancey St. Station on this week’s The Music Meetup.