Phoneboy Releases New Album & Keeps Things Catchy

Whether they’re singing about something heartbreaking or optimistic, Phoneboy pumps up the energy.

Friends Wyn Barnum (vocals/guitar), James Fusco (bass), and Ricky Dana (vocals/guitar) complete each other as a band like a three-piece puzzle. They tell BTRtoday that none of them really felt comfortable with their music-writing until they combined forces and became unstoppable.

“I think we filled in the pieces we didn’t have,” Dana says. “Every time we write, we just get better—we think of songs in different ways [and] we understand the songwriting process a lot better.”

Their debut EP Handheld, released last year, instantly tells you this is an extremely catchy band with inspirations from all sorts of genres. The intro track alone shows their ability to take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride both rhythmically and lyrically in less than three minutes.

Phoneboy just released their debut self-titled LP last Thursday, April 23 (purchase on vinyl here). The 10-track album is a perfect introduction to what this trio is capable of. The lyrics can be relatable in endless ways and, as promised, stay catchy and energetic no matter the subject matter. The pop-centric melodies in each track might be what hook you, but it’s the underlying hints of other utterly catchy genres like pop-punk, emo, and indie rock effortlessly sprinkled throughout that reel you in.

Before the album release, the trio provided the world with a music video for the first track on the album, “Nevermind,” which features their friend Justin Magnaye on vocals.

Phoneboy, “Nevermind” ft. Justin Magnaye


Even the snootiest horror movie junkies will appreciate the video’s references to classic horror films. And though the production value looks high-budget, it was all shot on an iPhone 12. But the best part of the video is how much fun they all had while filming. It’s so palpable it’s practically jumping through the screen. In fact, Barnum even says the band’s motto would be, “something like, ‘we have fun.’”

Though they’re currently focusing on the release of their debut album, they all would love to film another video before the end of the year.

In the meantime, catch the entire interview with the trio and their self-titled album Phoneboy on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.


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