Päter Explains the Solitude That Helped Create SOLE

When you listen to the newest EP by this Toronto-based indie artist, you’d never imagine it was a completely solo project. Päter, an Iranian-native musician living in Canada, used her time in quarantine to create SOLE—a six-track EP bursting with fun instrumentation, overlaying catchy vocals, and upbeat vibes. Each track sounds like a team of musicians and artists working together when in reality, it was just Päter using her newfound free time to write music.

“Normally, I would be making music with a lot more people playing different parts, but this was a unique experience doing all that myself,” Päter tells BTRtoday. “It was cool to find out that I can do it by myself, I think that’ll inform things in the future.”

Päter, “30 Day Songwriting Challenge final week”

The tracks on SOLE started as part of a 30-day songwriting challenge, during which Päter wrote a new song every day for a month. Eventually, the project she began on a whim started catching her fans’ attention online. Päter decided to turn some of the songs into SOLE. Each track expresses an intimate feeling Päter experienced during her solitude in quarantine, but with enough obscurity in its descriptions of those emotions to make them wholly relatable.

“My music tends to be focused on not very specific experiences but something that’s an umbrella of a certain feeling,” she says. “In terms of the storytelling of it, it was just about coming to terms with what my most authentic voice is as a songwriter and being ok expressing things exactly how I’m experiencing them.”

Though her sound appears to have an underlying Americana/twang vibe, Päter says she’s simply just influenced by indie rock.

Päter, “Dam, Damn”

“I was born in Iran and immigrated to Canada early in my life, so I have like no ties to country music whatsoever,” Päter says.

Currently, she’s planning to release more music consistently throughout the rest of the year. In the meantime, listen to the entire interview with Päter and all of the SOLE EP on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.