No Thank You's Kaytee Della Monica Chats Sad Music for Sad Adults

When quarantine lockdown first hit, many of us were isolated in our homes. As the pandemic kept getting worse, it was difficult to scrounge up any motivation to be creative or productive within this growing feeling of hopelessness.

So what did Philly-based band No Thank You do? Well, frontwoman Kaytee Della Monica admits she felt pretty depressed at first. But once she was able to get over that mountain, she got to writing new music and eventually recorded their third LP Embroidered Foliage with the other two members of No Thank You.

“Everyone was miserable just in their house doing nothing all the time, but I did end up writing a lot,” Monica says. “If we go into another lockdown we’re ready to just spend it together in a studio—that’s where we are at this point.”

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With new inspiration under her belt, No Thank You released Embroidered Foliage on Oct. 23 via Lame-O Records. Monica says, lyrically, the album was very spur of the moment as she reacted to the end of a certain relationship.

“[It was] my way of working through it and learning about myself from that time of my life,” she says. “A lot of stream of consciousness and moments taken away that I just wanted to document.”

Monica adds that making music, which she’s been doing since she was little, has always been some kind of form of therapy for her.

“[My music writing] is not really escapism, it’s so specific to what I’m going through,” she says. “I’d say it’s definitely cathartic and a lesson in self-discovery, a way to work out problems.”

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Embroidered Foliage perfectly captures the emotional turmoil one goes through when an important relationship is coming to an end. The denial, anger, hurt, and eventual acceptance is all in the album. Beginning with the in-your-face track “Saturn Return,” No Thank You kicks off the record with empowering passion and fuel to love yourself through it all. The album isn’t all thrashers, though. Tracks like “Eden,” “Embroidered,” and “Enough” show a softer side, expressing the necessary sadness one has to navigate to learn and grow. Though each track has its own unique emotional expression, they’re all packed with distortion, hard-hitting drums, fuzzy guitar, and bursting vocals that’ll wrap around your head for hours after it’s finished.

Hear the entire interview with No Thank You’s Kaytee Della Monica on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup along with Embroidered Foliage in its entirety.