Music Meetup Special Holiday Playlist

If you’re looking for Christmas songs or happy tunes about snow, this isn’t the holiday playlist for you.

Usually on The Music Meetup, I focus on one band. I play their music, talk about their music and interview them. But, I felt the need to dedicate two episodes to a playlist of songs to get your holiday season rockin’.

They’re definitely not your usual holiday songs, but they’ll get you in the spirit to have a good time with your friends and family. Plus, each of the artists featured on this playlist were interviewed on an episode this year. So you can go back and check it out for yourself.

Press play and have a rockin’ holiday.


Royal Trux “White Stuff” and “Year of the Dog”

White stuff could mean snow and 2020 isn’t the year of the dog, but the song gets you thinking about the new year, am I right?

“White Stuff”

“Year of the Dog”


The Exbats “2027” and “Maximum of Happiness”

Nothing is sweeter than a rock ‘n’ roll father-daughter duo. Maybe start a band with your kids this year instead of just watching a Christmas movie again.


“Maximum of Happiness”


Sabrina Is Not In This Chat “Relief”

It’s a relief to get some time off with your family—this song will have you headbanging about it.


Native Sun, “11th Street”

Miracle on 34th street? More like the punk rock miracle on 11th street.


Lenny Bull, “Take the Heat”

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen so your grandma can make her holiday ham. Run to your room and go listen to this song.


Bambara, “Backyard” and “Back Home”

Everybody’s trying to get back home for the holidays, so let Bambara give you the eerie rock ‘n’ roll push for you to beat the traffic.

“Backyard” live at Shacklewell Arms”


Stonefield, “Woman” and “Sleep”

Just some thrasher psych-rock from Australia to turn up and drone out all the holiday family drama.



The Curls, “Picture F(r)ame”

A little disco-infused experimental indie to get even grandpa up and groovin’.


Fruit Tones, “I Know Where Love Comes From” and “Woke Up In Paradise”

While you’re back home for the holidays let your parents shower you in love and spoil you like the old days and hear these sweet indie songs play along to the good vibes.

“I Know Where Love Comes From”


Skating Polly, “Play House”

This ’90s rock-inspired group will give you the encouragement you need to play with younger family members.



Leggy, “Eden”

The dreamy vocals in this song will be the soundtrack the visions of sugar plums in your head dance to.



Dentist, “All Is Well (In Hell)” and “Corked”

Family time can be frustrating, so work out that teenage angst with these NJ post-punkers.


Greenway Beth, “Love & Property”

These Aussie post-punkers are ready to spread the love this season.


A Deer A Horse, “Cold Shoulder”

You’re probably gonna have to give the cold shoulder to at least one of your annoying distant relatives, so let these metal thrashers fuel that rage.

“Cold Shoulder”


Mima Good, “Holly Golightly”

But don’t be afraid of the holiday season. Mima Good will keep you safe from the “mean reds”

“Holly Golightly” lyric video”


Thunderpussy, “Velvet Noose”

Everything is velvet during the holidays, why not a song too?

“Velvet Noose” live at KEXP


The Shivas, “I Want You”

All I want for Christmas is for you and I to listen to these badass rockers.


Coco Verde, “Marathon” and “Glitter”

The holidays feel like a marathon, so end it with some sweet rock ‘n’ roll and some glitter.

“Marathon” for BTR Live Studio



Kelsey Waldon, “White Noise, White Lines”

Here’s another instance where white can mean the white of snow, right? Plus, it’s some country comfort to relax to.


Flamin’ Groovies, “Yes, It’s True”

This is a nice melody to rock out to with the whole family, so enjoy.