Music Meetup Special Holiday Playlist

For Thanksgiving, I dedicated an episode to rile up the difficult political conversations you needed to have with your family—especially over virtual family dinner.

Though I still believe those conversations need to happen, I’ve decided to give us all a little break. This year has been extremely tough and it’s shocking we’ve all made it this far. So congratulations on making it to the last month of 2020 and, hopefully, to the new year! Here is a playlist to keep your holidays fun, upbeat, and hopefully a little less stressful. This is the kind of holiday playlist that thankfully avoids actual holiday music, but provides sweet melody after sweet melody to keep the calm during your holiday stress.

Listen to the tunes below and check out the podcast to stream the full playlist here.

Thick, “Home”


Born Ruffians, “The Poet (Can’t Jam)”


Okey Dokey, “Oh, What A World”


Katy J Pearson, “Tonight” & “Beautiful Soul”


Nana Adjoa, “No Room”

Falcon Jane, “Heaven”

Babe Rainbow, “Zeitgeist” & “The Wind”


Yonatan Gat, “Dream Sequence”