Mother Feather Bleeds New Music

The glam rock sisters-from-another-mister that form Mother Feather, Ann Courtney (vocals) and Elizabeth Carena (vocals/keys), journeyed to our studio to turn BTR into a mother feather.

“She likes to call our fans ‘mother feathers,’” Carena clarifies while a gleefully caffeinated Courtney told us about their 2016 debut self-titled album on Metal Blade Records.

The album has songs from their self-released EPs with added new tunes. So the fans, aka the mother feathers, were already pretty familiar with many songs prior to the album’s release.

“But then [the songs] got to reach this much wider audience, which is truly kind of the best thing you can hope for,” Courtney says. “That was amazing [and] the relationship with Metal Blade really took our band to a new place and to a lot of new people—made a mother feather out of all of them.”

The album is a 10-song banger full of cutthroat pop rock melodies. The intro track “Living, Breathing” features Courtney’s intense and passionate vocals that are reminiscent of Joan Jett or Karen O. The song is melodic, danceable and upbeat, but with some metal undertones. “Egyptology,” the most romantic track on the album in my opinion, wraps up the record in an in-your-face rock ’n’ roll vein through heavily fuzzed out guitars and optimistic lyrics that make you want to follow Mother Feather all the way to Egypt.

The group dresses in leather and studs, teased hair and dramatic metallic eye-makeup. The look screams ‘glam metal,’ but they don’t consider themselves metal.

“The commenters on YouTube would seriously disagree,” Carena laughs. “I always get a kick out of it,” Courtney adds. “We’re not really doing a metal thing, we’ve sort of snuck through the backdoor into this world, which is a delight to me, but we’re so not metal.”

Though signed to Metal Blade Records, a label known for metal bands, Courtney says she thinks owner Brian Slagel chose them not because Mother Feather was metal, but because they reminded him of his favorite rock bands from the ‘70s. “He said, ‘hmmm I like that,’” she says.

Having been signed to Metal Blade Records for about two years now, Mother Feather is gearing up to release a sophomore LP this fall.

“I lock myself up in my tower and say, ‘bleed, bleed,’” Courtney says about the forthcoming album called Constellation Baby. “[I] went a little crazy in self-imposed isolation, but once I had some meat and potatoes I presented that to the band and we produced a record from there.”

Courtney and Carena met in college and played in another project before Mother Feather but they both felt like something was missing.

“It didn’t feel like we were living up to our potential,” Courtney says. “So I envisioned something much better, utilizing Lizzie in a much better way and making her more central and more of a focus and bringing our relationship more to the forefront of the band and the relationship between two women as something more integral to the project overall.”

Catch Mother Feather August 7 at Mercury Lounge, one of the venues that Mother Feather got their start in. In the meantime, listen to the entire interview with Mother Feather on this week’s The Music Meetup along with their debut album.