Mons Vi Celebrates Femininity

Inspired from the Latin words “mons veneris,” referencing a part of the vagina, Mons Vi brings femininity to their music.

“It not just celebrates feminine imagery, but also femininity,” Mons Vi vocalist and keys player Adrianne Gonzalez tells BTRtoday while sipping coffee in a Bushwick café. It was a grey-skied day when Mons Vi met me for an afternoon chat. The four-piece sat in the back looking too-cool-for-school but that imposing exterior melted away as I approached. They said hello with open arms and big smiles.

Their music takes moody sounds from nature and pop culture and transforms with effects and edits. Tracks like “Eternity” off their album Relic 1 are soft and sultry while retaining a hazy post-punk vibe. While the next track “Garbage Trees” dips more into the garage-y side of their sound, keeping the beat simple and vocals grungy—reminiscent of early Sonic Youth. No matter how low or high they go on the punk/post-punk spectrum, their tracks have a gracefully melodic undertone that keeps things light and tender.

“We love fucking around with our voices,” Gonzalez says of Mons Vi’s sound. “I think it’s [the music] going to be a really cool direction to go further in and explore in.”

The group recently released the single “Night Drive,” inspired by a friend that lead singer and guitarist Matthew Hershoff used to cruise around aimlessly with after sunset. “We’re in the business of creating experiences,” Hershoff says about their songwriting. He writes and produces all of Mons Vi music and says there are “big things” in the horizon for the group.

Hershoff came to NYC to study medicine but dropped out and built a recording studio in his home to focus on musc. He later joined forces with Hershoff, drummer Michael Cohen and bassist Alex Faron. “I was studying to be a doctor, cause that’s what I thought what was going to happen,” he says. “Then I realized I didn’t want to do that, so I left and started taking music more seriously—I went home and formed a music studio and started hanging out with more music people, and it never stopped from that point.”

While the band is New York through and through, the members of Mons Vi met while growing up on the same street in sunny Florida.

“This past summer Mike and Faron moved up here, they just went through their first [NY] winter—it was rough but they survived,” Gonzalez says laughing. “We like to take things super seriously, so we all moved into a house.”

Since all four have been living together for almost a full year, Mons Vi has been able to focus even more on their music. Drummer Faron says that they’ve been able to sound anywhere from groovy, shoe-gazing to booty-shaking melodies.

Mons Vi will share the bill with La Luz and Gymshorts on June 6 and 7 at Public Arts Manhattan—don’t miss out. In the meantime, listen to the entire interview with them on this week’s The Music Meetup and hear Relic 1 in its entirety.