Miss World Takes A Selfie & Makes An Album

Former shit girlfriend Natalie Chahal has crowned herself Miss World. But don’t think for a second that she was in the running for miss congeniality. Taking inspiration from Hole and early 2000s fashion, Chahal, has created a bright, colorful and lip gloss-strewn version of grunge.

Miss World’s debut Keeping Up With Miss World could be the soundtrack to a dystopian reimagining of Clueless. The sparkling collection of DIY tongue-in-cheek pop tracks about plastic surgery, social media and trends is 100 percent pop star attitude but filtered through a punk rock and socially conscious perspective. After traveling the globe, she’s realized that the real world is often at odds with the one featured on social media.

“The last three years I haven’t really had a home,” Chahal tells BTRtoday. “I’ve just been traveling, meeting lots of people and I found that there were these same conversations happening all over the world. But also it’s stuff that people talk about but they don’t post about, they talk about in private—so I wanted to take those private moments, where people are like ‘this is weird, but I have an opinion on it.’”

Miss World “Buy Me Dinner”

Kicking off with “Diet Coke Head,” Miss World’s vibrant social satire is immediate and infectious. Equally brazen tracks like “Lip Job” and “(U Watch My) Stories (But U Don’t Like My Posts)” show Miss World’s mission of piercing through only-skin-deep values the world obsesses over.

Her signature aesthetic combines blow up dolls and inflatable donuts with matching pink crop top and mini skirt ensembles. As Miss World, she plays with accessories used by Instagram models and influencers to show how hard it can be to discern the real world from the illusion presented by social media.

“I like the idea [that] we’re all trying to represent ourselves to the public in a certain way,” Chahal says. “We have social media and everyone’s kind of representing themselves in a way that we don’t know what’s real and what’s fake or plastic.”

While she plays with plastic, she’s as real and DIY as it gets. She makes her music videos using only a VHS camera or her cell phone. “I do everything myself because it’s easier and [it’s] the idea of the whole project being one big selfie,” she says. “I’m not an expert, but I’m definitely developing a style that’s very Miss World.”

Miss World “Don’t You Wanna Be Me Sometime?”

Before Miss World, Chahal was Shit Girlfriend—a grittier and more rock oriented duo who only released a 7-inch. “After the Shit Girlfriend project did pretty good I was like ‘ok, I’m gonna put out my own songs too,’ and it all just started coming together,” Chahal says about becoming Miss World.

With her debut under her belt (Keeping Up With Miss World on PNKSLM) she intends on taking Miss World on the road, hitting Toronto October 2 for her official album release show. Listen to the entire interview and debut album of Miss World on this week’s The Music Meetup.