Miss June Always Finishes First

When BTRtoday caught up with Miss June, we found out that the band’s call to arms could soon be mounting a comeback.

“We need to bring back our catchphrase,” frontwoman Annabel Liddell said to her bandmates before they took the stage at Greepoint’s Brooklyn Bazaar.

“Miss June always finishes first,” the rest of the band responded in unison. It was one sign among many of the band’s telekinesis-like mental connection.

The band formed out of necessity when Liddell found herself thrust into several solo shows she wasn’t prepared for. She dug around at a New Zealand jazz school and found Jun Park (guitar), Tom Leggett (drums) and Chris Marshall (bass). Four years on, they remain united Miss June, a musical riot that somehow keeps growing faster and more frenzied as each member competes to see who can go the most full throttle.

“When we play, I just race Chris to the end of the song and usually I win,” Leggett says about their live performance. “Pfft, no you don’t,” Marshall responds laughing.

Miss June, “Enemies”

The punk-garage band were fresh off an eight-week and change tour of Australia and the U.K. when they arrived in NYC. Clearly, for Miss June, jet lag and touring exhaustion don’t exist. Their performance was electrifying and their personalities were energetic. Not a hint of exhaustion was noticeable, even in their musical choices.

Park showed the table his more recently played artist on Spotify: Drake, The Pixies, City and Colour and A$AP Rocky—a perfect encapsulation of the diverse genres and connective tissue forming Miss June’s music.

“We all have very different tastes,” says Leggett. “[But] always loud and fast.” Everyone nodded in agreement and Liddell asks, “Can we make loud a genre [for Miss June]?”

Their debut LP Bad Luck Party, from French Kiss Records, drops on September 6. To tide fans over before then, the band released a seven-inch with two of the songs from the upcoming album, “Best Girl” and “Twitch.” The songs are melodic yet dirty and filled with distorted guitar and guttural howls from Liddell’s deep and sultry vocals. And, of course, they’re fast and loud.

Currently, the group is back in New Zealand, but they plan to return to Europe and the U.S. soon. In the meantime, hear three tracks off their upcoming debut LP and tracks from their 2015 EP Matriarchy along with the rest of the in-person interview with Miss June on this week’s The Music Meetup.