Mima Good Talks Therapy & Letting Go

Raechel Rosen, aka Mima Good, doesn’t want to dwell on the trauma she’s been through. She’s focused on her future.

Last year, Rosen released Good Girl an emotional five-track EP about an abusive relationship. While working through her experience in intense therapy sessions, Rosen turned to music to relieve her heaviest burdens.

“It was a really heavy writing process for me and I’d been working on it for so long, just five songs,” she tells BTRtoday. “I really wanted to tell this one specific personal story that was really holding onto me.”

Rosen named the EP after an anecdote her therapist shared with her. They were discussing the pressure put on women to silence themselves when they’re uncomfortable. Her therapist told her how she danced with a creepy guy because she thought she had to be a “good girl.”

“My therapist is a baller who’s like this old Italian woman, gorgeous, rides a motorcycle and she goes out dancing on the weekends,” Rosen says. “I don’t think there’s someone I respect more than this, and even she fell prey to this.”

Finally having the EP, Rosen felt liberated from the anxieties plaguing her and the nerves of sharing those feelings with the world. Now that those feelings are released, she feels free to have some fun with her music. Last month, she released a new single called “Holly Golightly,” featuring samples of the Breakfast At Tiffany’s character who inspired the song.

Still about struggling with personal and gender identity and mental health, with her new music Rosen keeps her sound light and bubbly. Her melodic vocals are backed by eerie echoing harmonies playing on loop for a captivating and inspiring sound.

“[The new songs] come from a more zoomed out perspective,” she says. “It’s not this personal trauma narrative anymore, it’s more day-to-day feelings and having a sense of humor about them.”

Rosen’s extra-excited about this new single. It’s the first time in a longtime that she’s had some real fun with her music and she’s happy to pay tribute to the namesake character. As a New Yorker herself, born and raised, she feels a connection to Golightly’s noncommittal, neurotic but somehow still alluring personality.

“Holly Golightly is such a quintessential crazy New York character,” she says. “She’s just so fabulously nutty and quirky and she truly embodies the madness of New York—she feels so impermanent she won’t even name her cat.”

She hasn’t yet set a release date for her nameless (like Golightly’s cat) new album, but tune into this week’s episode of The Music Meetup to hear the first single “Holly Golightly,” tracks from Good Girl EP and the entire interview with Raechel Rosen aka Mima Good herself.