Microwave Mountain Is All About The Sick Licks

Jamie Timm really liked country music until he moved to Nashville. But after being a hired gun playing music he lacked passion for, he had no choice but to rock.

“I spent time playing country music and I still enjoy it, but I like to rock ‘n’ roll—it’s just looser,” he says.

A year after moving to Nashville, Timm created Microwave Mountain, a combination of stoner garage and bluesy punk rock that took the Music City by storm. It isn’t totally free of country influence. Microwave Mountain just takes country twang and sets it to hard drums, echoing guitars and gritty vocals.

Microwave Mountain, “Electric Boogie”

Timm’s now recording a Live Greatest Hits album that compiles all the best songs he’s performed with his band. It’ll be a big change. Until now, Timm’s been the only musician on Microwave Mountain’s releases.

Timm recorded his 2015 debut EP Shades Up, released in 2015 on a friend’s two-track using a loop pedal, giving the release a dirty garage sound. The most recent release, the full-length Sick Licks out last April, was recorded on an eight-track with more sophisticated equipment, giving Timm the chance to really show off his skills as a musician.

Timm has been writing and playing music since he was 13 years old. Growing up with chronic health problems in the skater scene of Provo, Utah isolated Timm. When he had to give up skating, he didn’t know what else to do. But once picked up the guitar he got for his birthday he couldn’t stop playing. He and his friends started listening to bands like New York Dolls, Dead Kennedys and the Sex Pistols and started forming bands by the time he was 15, playing in basements and community colleges.

“At this point, I can’t really imagine doing anything else,” Timm says about playing music. “I’ve been in touring bands since 2005 and have been all over the place.” And his travels are obvious inspirations to his music. You can hear it in songs like “NYC Girls,” an ode to leather wearing, nose ring sporting girls on the L Train or the song “Doin’ Alright” about living in Music City and working to make “mom and dad proud.”

He intends to take Microwave Mountain on the road soon, so you can experience their sick licks yourself. In the meantime, listen to the full interview with Jamie Timms of Microwave Mountain along with tracks from his EP and LP on this week’s The Music Meetup