Lydia Luce Shares Methods of Introspection & Chats New Album

It’s not news that music is therapeutic, whether you’re writing it or just enjoying it, but sometimes it’s difficult to let yourself get into that headspace. Singer-songwriter Lydia Luce can help you with that.

Her latest album Dark River, which was just released this past Friday, is beautifully introspective. The Nashville-based singer uses her delicate vocals combined with tender instrumentation to gently guide any listener to their inner monologue. Luce says she writes her music only after thoroughly dissecting the emotions she’s feeling that are going into the song.

“I have to analyze it to the point where I’m like, ‘ok, I really see that this is how I feel about this now…’,” she tells BTRtoday. “It’s like the songs come after I sat with the thing and really spent time tackling it and working on it and then the songs are almost like the bookend—I’m just like ‘ok, next lesson.’”

Lydia Luce, “Never Been Good”

Luce also takes trips by herself so she can be peacefully alone with her thoughts process her feelings to a point of serenity. Before writing Dark River she took two solo trips, one to the Pacific Northwest and another to Colorado. Each trip benefitted her in different ways.

“Less writing retreat and more processing [on the solo trips],” she says. “A lot of self-work and learning life lessons and a lot of time spent alone just dwelling on things that I didn’t want to sit with.”

Before heading out on her trips Luce says she was feeling a lot of loneliness and avoiding dealing with any of her emotions. In the Pacific Northwest, she learned she needed her community of friends and loved ones beside her, but during her trip to Colorado, she embraced her time alone and even found empowerment in it.

Dark River was written after those trips and before the COVID-19 pandemic really hit. Each track is drenched in self-discovery and paired with a catchy melody. Luce truly wears all her emotions on her sleeves in this album.

Once the pandemic hit, Luce says she had difficulty feeling creative. However, she was able to write one track for the album, “All The Time,” which is a song reminding herself to put self-love high on her list of priorities.

“The chorus is, ‘I need you to step into the light, I need you to love me all the time,’ and that’s about loving yourself—it’s me singing to myself,” she says. “Embracing both of these dark and light sides of myself and reminding the side that’s in a darker place to just step into loving themselves.”

Lydia Luce, “All The Time

Listen to the entire interview with Lydia Luce and her newest album Dark River in full on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.