Liz Brasher Empowered by Music & Motherhood

Being a musician and being a mother are two of the toughest jobs—but Liz Brasher works them both with ease.

“It’s demanding, but empowering,” she tells BTRtoday over the phone. “My time is really limited, because I’m always running around doing a million things [but] it’s forced me to be more intentional with what it is that I do.”

Though she says leaving her son to tour is rough, she finds overall that parenting and being a touring musician support each other. The sacrifices and emotions of motherhood inspire her songwriting and the concentration and patience of making music informs her parenting.

“Motherhood overall is really strengthening and sacrificial—you go through a bunch of different emotions,” she says. “With a child you go from being angry to being patient and loving—so all those things come out regardless of what I’m going to write about.”

With motherhood empowering her, Brasher released her debut full-length Painted Image just last month. Each of the 11 tracks are wildly different, keeping Brasher from pigeonholing herself into one genre.

Liz Brasher, “Cold Baby

The intro “Blood of the Lamb” has a jazzy feel. Keys, brass and blues guitar accompany her robust vocals singing about not taking anyone’s shit. The title track closing out the album takes a different route, leaning more towards a singer/songwriter-feel with Spanish guitar accompanying visceral vocals about a heartbreaking tale. The tracks in-between vary from country twang to power pop and blues rock.

“I’ll sit down and every song is coming out of left field—I just want to be well-versed and I get bored really easily too, so I want to keep things interesting for me,” she says about her songwriting. “The one thing I never want to be is anything one-sided, I can’t be, it’s just not in me to do that.”

Brasher’s southern roots shine through in her music. Though she’s from Charlotte, NC, she didn’t start to discover her twangy hometown sound until she moved to Chicago.

“I grew up in a Dominican household, so that [country music] wasn’t really a part of my upbringing,” she says. In Chicago, people often asked her about her home town’s music. Growing tired of being without an answer, she studied up on the genre and adapted some of its sound in her own writing.
While she was closer to her signature sound, she still didn’t have a band. It wasn’t until she moved to Atlanta, GA that she put together her band and picked up a bass.

Now based in Memphis, TN, Brasher is gearing up for an upcoming southern tour where she’ll hit spots in Georgia, Florida Louisiana and Texas. If that’s not a town near you, tune in to this week’s The Music Meetup to hear Painted Image and the full interview with Liz Brasher.