Leggy Wants To Know Your Sign

Leggy rocks out wherever planets align.

The trio’s frontwoman Veronique Allaer doesn’t know if astrology is BS or not. Either way, she’s fascinated enough by it to devote the Cincinnati group’s newest album Let Me Know Your Moon to it.

“Your moon sign is supposed to be your innermost secret dark desires and things that are private to you,” Allaer tells BTRtoday. “I really love to read into that shit, even if I’m not 100-percent convinced that it’s true.”

Let Me Know Your Moon, released in early March on Sheer Luck Records, is unique to the rest of Leggy’s discography. Though true to their DIY Ohio-basement show roots, they’ve steered to pop music with ambitious melodies and arrangements supporting Allaer’s vocals as they shift from gritty screeches to sing-along choruses.

Her favorite track from the album, “Eden” distorts the guitar, keeping the sound rough, but adds an air of dreaminess with her delicate vocals. The spoken line in the song, “let me know your moon, so I know how hard to beg,” gave the album its name. Though Allaer is iffy about horoscopes, she has fun taking part in it.

Leggy, “Eden” – live at Hole In The Wall 2019

“How are we supposed to confidently say whether or not we know for sure this is false,” Allaer says. “I think it’s because people are maybe just less religious, so they’re looking for bigger meanings and other things.”

With her moon in Virgo, Allaer (Sagittarius) is supposed to be methodical and analytical. But she never noticed that side of her until she made Let Me Know Your Moon. The previous releases of the combined EPs felt like a rushed and chaotic production to Allaer. So with this new LP she discovered her organizational side. Leggy started off as riotous punk with no need to be organized. Now, they’re concentrating on their skills and aim to sound more “bubblegum” than punk.

“When you’re a new band you’re playing live a lot more, it’s nice to have high-energy songs,” she says. “We’re growing [and] I feel like our sound has become a little bit less garage-y and less punk—we’re all just kind of growing into that like, not every song feels like it has to be super fast.”

Now that they’re all almost 30, they no longer feel the need to write music for anyone but themselves. “I feel like we’re all just like ‘wow, we’ve already spent so much of our life just thinking more of what other people want,’” she says. “I’m ready to do whatever the fuck I want.”

Leggy tours this summer with dates where The Ophelias, Potty Mouth, Colleen Green, And The Kids, Strobobean and Cloud Nothings join them. Leggy’s first stop on tour is on 6/7 in Bay City, MI for Riverscene Music Fest. Then, The Ophelia’s join them on 6/9 in Detroit, MI. Catch them in NYC on 6/12 at Brooklyn’s Alphaville.

In the meantime, tune in to this week’s The Music Meetup to hear the entire interview with Leggy frontwoman Veronique Allaer and tracks from Let Me Know Your Moon.