illuminati Hotties Talk Burrito-Core & Tender Punk

We’ll never know if they’re really in the Illuminati but we’re certain this L.A.-based indie band can make one hell of a burrito.

You can’t understand illuminati hotties without burritos, since they define themselves as “post-nap/ burrito-core.” “I think that’s just the mind space of the music,”frontwoman Sarah Tudzin tells BTRtoday says about the self-proclaimed genre. “It’s like you take a nap, you wake up and you really want a burrito.”

When asked to describe the burrito that would best define their music, the answer was mouth-watering.

“I fill illuminati hotties with all my junk—rice, black beans, guac, carne asada or, if I’m feeling healthy, I’ll do a tofu or soy chorizo or whatever vegan substitute, fajita veggies, the spiciest hot sauce, and it’s one of those burritos that’s grilled a little,” Tudzin says while sipping on a Taco Bell coffee. “It’s an ethos and a mindset and the art that comes out of it is because you live burrito-core all the time.”

While their personality screams burrito, the Tex-Mex delicacy doesn’t comes to mind when listening to the unique sounds of these west-coasters. Tudzin labels their sound as tender-punk for their balance of sweet and riotous vibes.

“There is sort of a sad girl side of my music,” she says, adding that she grew up on both acoustic emo music and lo-fi gritty punk. “I kind of fuse the line between sensitive songwriter stuff and punk rock.”

Their most recent album, Kiss Yr Frenemies, released earlier this year, combines slow, sweet and emotional songs with fast, punchy and defiantly nihilistic tracks. Songs like “The Rules,” “boi” and “Declutter” slowly build with delicate acoustic guitar and keys under almost whispering vocals. Then there are tracks like “(You’re Better) Than Ever,” “Shape Of My Hands” and “Pressed 2 Death” that splash you with an energizing wave of distorted guitar, chaotic beats and passionate vocals to shout along to.

illuminati hotties “(You’re Better) Than Ever” 

“It’s sweet, but a little sarcastic and has a little bit of both elements that I love, the tenderness and punkness,” Tudzin says about Kiss Yr Frenemies. “I like the sentiment of holding those people close that are both your rivals and your support system and kissing them.”

Illuminati hotties just finished their first major tour last month with Diet Cig and will hit the road again in November.

It’s hard for Tudzin to find time to sit down for more than half an hour with her guitar to fully flesh out a song, so she tends to write in very small pieces—constantly taking notes whenever inspiration hits her.

“It’s all expression and that’s the way the feelings come out of me,” she says. “It’s a natural progression of feeling things and having things happening to you in your life and taking note and being very observational.”

Hear Kiss Yr Frenemies in full and the entire interview with illuminati hotties’ Sarah Tudzin on this week’s The Music Meeutp.