Human Growth Chats Staying Raw With Debut LP

Human Growth’s recently released debut LP Reflex sets the stage for a gritty-garage rock sound that keeps you wanting more.

Created by the Slusarski brothers Peter and David, Human Growth’s sound bursts with hard-hitting drums, electrifying guitar, and in-your-face vocals. Tracks like “English” and “Holiday” melodically show off the intricate instrumentation this band is capable of—but doesn’t lose any of its defining grit. Though now based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the brothers were born and raised in Maspeth, Queens. The two dedicate their rawness to their New York roots but also say Denmark has proven better in providing an environment that cultivates creativity.

“People are a bit more reserved here [in Copenhagen]—you don’t have as raw sort of sounds,” David tells BTRtoday. “In the album, we express that [NYC] rawness,” Peter adds. “[But Copenhagen] is cheaper and there’s a better standard of living for creative people.”

Human Growth “Mr. Socks”

The duo used to have another lineup of musicians in the band and went by Human Growth Harmony. After that group dissipated, however, the brothers reached out to jamming buddies and created what is now known as simply Human Growth. Their music-making method is very laissez-faire, with every musician throwing ideas into the musical pot. “English,” the intro track for their debut album, blossomed from that exact approach.

“That [track] was spawned off some tempo jamming and then people just brought riffs to,” David says. “It’s a pretty simple straightforward kind of track—just rocking and it’s fun.”

Since the pandemic, the band hasn’t really been able to get together and combine their musical thoughts. Still, the brothers say they’ve been working on other avenues of creativity for Human Growth, including music videos. They recently started the process of making a music video for “Buggin’.”

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One of the catchiest songs in the new album with easily singalong-able lyrics, “Buggin’” opens the doors for a fun and energetic video. The brothers say they filmed the band dancing in the streets of Copenhagen, fighting in a coliseum, and just running around causing a ruckus like a good rock ‘n’ roll band does.

Listen to the interview with Peter and David Slusarski of Human Growth on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup along with Reflex in its entirety.