HNRY FLWR Is Devoted to Exploring the Undefinable

David Van Wit is not a religious man. But he can’t contain his curiosity for religion, spirituality, and the world of the unknown. So he created HNRY FLWR, a music project to worship and explore the dark depths of possibilities.

HNRY FLWR creates haze-driven sounds with gentle and intricate instrumentation under robust vocals conveying sentimental lyrics. Whether it’s turning the dreariness of a hospital waiting room into a magical place to ponder life or opening your mind to the possibilities of hypnotism, HNRY FLWR provides the soundtrack.

HNRY FLWR,  “As Above, So Below”

“In my late-twenties, I sort of got this sinking feeling that I didn’t have the answers, that the ones I had come up with weren’t satisfying me anymore,” FLWR tells BTRtoday. “I think humans have done a great job of finding really interesting ways of explaining it all, but I just don’t buy any of it anymore—the HNRY FLWR project is my practice, I guess.”

The NYC-based musician/artist admits he hasn’t settled on any answers quite yet and doesn’t intend to define himself or his beliefs. Still, he can’t help his fascination with exploring all the things that science can’t explain. Even now, during his downtime in quarantine, he is researching hypnotism. But his music takes him furthest on his explorations into the unknown.

The song “Waiting Room,” for which FLWR recently released a video, was actually written in a waiting room. FLWR was in a pediatric waiting room waiting for his friend and then-bandmate to complete a round of leukemia treatment. While FLWR sat unable to avoid feelings of hopelessness and fear, a volunteer clown entered the room and brought smiles to the faces of all the sickly children around him.

HNRY FLWR “Waiting Room”

“I realized the waiting room is a great metaphor for life,” he says. “We’re all just lying here waiting for the inevitable, which is, you know, the one thing we can all agree on, that we’re all gonna die and our bodies will stop working at some point.”

Even though FLWR was in a situation where happiness was hard to find, the volunteer clown made him realize this “metaphor for life” can actually be made into something magical. The video and song don’t portray a depressing place, but a magical space for reinvention and open-mindedness.

HNRY FLWR says he is constantly working on new music while in quarantine and already has another video gearing up for release. Hear the entire interview and tracks by HNRY FLWR on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.