Hit Like A Girl Boosts Love

Nicole Maroulis started Hit Like A Girl in their bedroom. Before they made music, non-binary person Maroulis was an avid journal writer. Making music was another way to chronicle the story of their life.

“It’s kind of like an alternate version of journaling—instead of writing about it in a diary you can write about it in a song,” Maroulis tells BTRtoday. “At least everyone can hear your songs.”

Hit Like A Girl released their debut album You Make Sense last year. The album traces an entire relationship, from heady beginnings to messy endings, over the course of eight tracks.

Originally planned a collection of acoustic solo songs, the album morphed into a full band record right in the studio. “When I got to the studio with my friend he was like, ‘why don’t you play electric guitar and I’ll play drums and we’ll see what happens,” they say. “So they [the songs] turned into the full band songs that they are today.”

You Make Sense kicks off with “It’s You,” a song about love at first sight. However, the album traces the path of a romance we’re all too familiar with—one that inevitably ends in heartbreak and the need to move on and find resolution expressed in songs like “Let You Go.”

“Finally at the end [of the record] it’s kinda like, alright, I need to move on and let this go and continue my life without you,” Maroulis says.

Maroulis explains that the record is a personal recount about the girl who broke their heart. “I know its cliché to write love songs, but I think doing anything that stems from love is a good thing.”

Hit Like A Girl isn’t the only thing Maroulis pursues out of love. They also started a DIY non-profit organization called No More Dysphoria. The organization that Maroulis calls their “baby” seeks to help transgender individuals who need help financially or mentally with their transition.

“We make shirts, totes bags and other miscellaneous merch items and we sell them at local shows and I’ll bring the merch with me on tour with my band,” they say. “Any money that we make we donate it—we’ve been able to donate to quite a few different causes and organizations and also to a few specific people.”

Currently on tour, Hit Like A Girl will play some of the midwest and east coast before the release of their next LP. Entitled What Makes Love Last, the album is already done and awaiting a release date for this year featuring violin by Camille Faulkner (Julien Baker).

Hear Hit Like A Girl’s You Make Sense in its entirety and the full interview with Maroulis on this week’s The Music Meetup.