Honey Gets 'Moody' on New LP

The name sounds soothing, but don’t let it fool you. Honey is a killer rock band from NYC here to make your ears bleed.

Comprised of Brooklyn locals Dan Wise (guitar/vocals), Cory Feierman (bass/vocals) and William Schmiechen (drums), Honey may taste sweet, but this music will send chills down your spine. They aren’t afraid to get dark.

On Friday, Sept. 29 they released the new LP New Moody Judy. Nine tracks of heavily distorted guitar solos, passionate vocals with a throaty touch and frantic drumbeats that send you into a frenzy. It’s the kind of intense rock ‘n’ roll that would play in your head while you hide from a psycho killer.

Wise tells BTRtoday that this album is more emotional and to the point.

“The difference [between the first album and this one] is that I wrote a lot of the material on that first record, then this record [New Moody Judy] we wrote entirely together all the way through,” he says. “So it has a different feel—I would say it’s more concise, whereas the first record was a little more open and washy.”

Honey recorded for about a week, spending 10 to 12 hours a day in the studio playing music—some of the songs, like “Hungry,” were actually finished within those days. Each member contributed their own personal musical expertise and tastes.

“It was pretty grueling, just to do it all in one session,” Wise says. “If you stand back and think about it, it was dark and weird, but also at the same time I like being immersed in something and just working really hard—you kind of get delirious and crazy.”

The album nicely captures the delirium they developed while cooped up in that studio for days. Each track feels like it’s the next chapter to an emotionally soaked story about someone losing their mind. The instrumental songs, “Speed Glue” and “Wage Too” flow between tracks so smoothly almost connecting them, making you wonder, “wait, how long have I been listening to this song?”

It may sound like Honey will drive you insane, but we mean it in the best way possible.

To stick with the spooky theme of Honey, their record release show is at Alphaville on October, Friday the Thirteenth [cue lightning]. They’ll be joined by fellow New York bands Slam Section and Brandy. Also, look out for some tour dates in the spring and some new material. “A record a year is the goal,” Wise says.

Hear all of New Moody Judy and the entire interview with Dan Wise on this week’s The Music Meetup.

Honey – New Moody Judy