Get Surly With The Duke Of Surl

Nothing can stop them now, ‘cause they’re The Duke of Surl.

During a lull in music making, Will Brown refused to be stagnant. He decided to work on some home recordings, but he couldn’t have a solo project named after him—there are just too many Will Browns in the world and, unfortunately, he’s not the first to pop up on Google search. As a fan of early 1960s rock ‘n’ roll and being a brother not afraid to get a little surly amongst sibling rivalries, Brown decided to become The Duke of Surl.

“I wanted a project that if other projects weren’t hitting on all cylinders at that particular time, I could always go to it and make music,” he tells BTRtoday. “Also, I was aware there was going to be some changes coming up, like moving to Italy and that sort of thing, and I didn’t want to get out here and be completely lost.”

Before The Duke of Surl, Brown played in a noise rock band called The World War I’s (which he still plays in to this day). However, when The Duke of Surl began to twinkle in Brown’s eye The World War I’s were on a hiatus due to life’s spontaneity. With no idea of when they were going to be able to get back on track, the wheels in Brown’s head started turning.

Thus, the catchy and danceable garage rock project was born. Influenced by classic and punk rock, the music is groovy as all hell, but still has a hardcore edge that makes you want to mosh. Imagine thrashing your body about, with some sensual moves incorporated within the mayhem—that’s The Duke of Surl.

Ham Radio – The Duke of Surl

Their most recent album, Ham Radio, was released this year via King Pizza Records and the single “The Walk” was just released earlier this month. Brown is currently living in Italy while his fiancée attends school. He’s focusing on writing more music and absorbing as much influence (and pasta) as possible.

“’The Walk’ is the first one where it did [Italy influenced],” he says. “It’s a little more on the mellow side and summery, as oppose to my other stuff.” It’s also the first released by The Duke of Surl written and recorded entirely in Italy. The creative processes for the tracks off of Ham Radio are to a live setting, unlike “The Walk,” which is set to a drum loop. “If I write based off of live drums, I’ll have different verses, choruses, bridges, a weird outro, that sort of thing,” Brown explains.

Brown tells BTRtoday that The Duke of Surl has big plans for the future. Currently, a music video for “Phone Dead” off of Ham Radio is in the works, which will be released soon. He also has two more singles he intends on releasing before heading out for an east coast tour in the fall. After the tour, Brown intends on concentrating on writing the next album for The Duke of Surl, which he hopes will be ready by spring of next year.

“The Walk” – The Duke of Surl

Tune into this week’s episode of The Music Meetup to hear “The Walk” and all of Ham Radio, along with the full interview with Will Brown.

Walk through his dukedom and a paradise you will share.