Get Manic Over Pearie Sol

He doesn’t just want to write music. He needs to.

“Music has been something I feel compelled to do,” Perry Fustero of Perrie Sol tells BTRtoday. “It seems to tap into something for me that’s hard to express in other ways.” Pearie Sol, the solo project of Fustero from Washington D.C., is an extra manic version of a ‘70s punk-inspired sound that scrambles the mind.

Fustero’s also active in music projects like Teen Liver and Gauche that offer a variety of sounds but stay true to punk rock roots. His specialty is the keyboard, which is evident in Pearie Sol. His solo project is loaded with harsh organ sounds that morph into hypnotizing beats. His voice is reminiscent of a young David Byrne in The Talking Heads and a melodic Mark Mothersbaugh in Devo.

“There’s a lot of self-centered lyrics revolving around anxiety, depression and addiction,” Fustero says about his creative lyrical process. “Kind of like negative self-images that I write about, but they come across as very exciting and manic.”

Though his one-man act sounds like it could be mired in introversion, Fustero assures that his live shows are fiery and energetic. “I will say I think the performances are better,” he says. “People tend to get it [the music] more when they see me live versus just the tape.”

Pearie Sol’s last release was a self-titled tape that included seven tracks of frenzied organ playing and high-pitched vocals that perfectly resemble his live sound. Fustero says that though the songs “Alley” and “Love Is For The Loving” sound more melancholy on tape, they’re the ones that do the best on stage.

His recent colorful music video for “Alley” features a heavily make-upped Fustero staring directly into the camera before it cuts to him facedown on the ground and arms extended blindly playing the keys. “I remember writing that one, I read some Bukowski poems and they were very dry-Americana,” he says. “So it [Alley] came about from that and walking to my car in the morning down the alley while listening to my footsteps.”

Though he’s putting Pearie Sol on hold for the summer, he’s still working on shooting more music videos. Come fall he intends to start working on new material and prepare for another tour. Listen to tracks off the self-titled tape and a few from his full-band project Teen Liver on this week’s The Music Meetup.