Fruit Tones Brave the Cold and Turn Up the Heat

There’s a reason Fruit Tones’ debut Natural Selection sends shivers down your spine. It was recorded during a blizzard, in a room where they had to rock hard to stave off frostbite.

They recorded Natural Selection in an old Manchester cotton mill in December during a brutal English winter. The heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures almost kept their equipment from arriving and the temperature nearly made performing impossible.

“It was like minus three in the practice room,” Walmsley tells BTRtoday.

Harrison adds: “Yeah, we just had to play fast to keep warm, so everything [was done] in as few takes as possible so we could go to the pub and get warm.”

But the cold couldn’t stop the Manchester-based trio of Tom Walmsley (vocals/guitar), Tom Harrison (drums) and Dom Oliveier (bass). Natural Selection’s 14-track album races out of the gate with the fast and fuzzed-out lead single “I Know Where Love Comes From.” Fruit Tones celebrate discovering new spots to behave badly in “Drunk at The Zoo” and they keep up the high-energy garage grit even when slowing down the tempo for lovesick tracks like “Frontline” and “Indivisible Ink.” With vocals similar to No Bunny and stripped-down thrashers in the vein of classic punk rockers Ramones or The Clash, Natural Selection’s rock ‘n’ roll are a natural source of heat.

Fruit Tones, “I Know Where Love Comes From”

After creating an album in punishing temperatures, Walmsley and Harrison are comfortable making music no matter what adversity they face. At their last Paris show, their fill-in bass player didn’t know all their songs. When the crowd begged for an encore, they laughed and played through half of the songs they’d just performed—and the crowd loved it.

The boys plan to record their sophomore album as soon as possible and get back on the road. In the meantime, listen to all of Natural Selection and the entire interview with Walmsley and Harrison on this week’s The Music Meetup.