Adult Books Turn The Page From Hardcore to Post-Punk

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Adult Books is a post-punk band from the west coast bringing the thunder. Comprised of high school friends Nick Winfrey (vocals/guitar), Daniel Quintanilla (bass) and M.M. Sina (drums) they’ve been a band for about five years now.

They started with what they knew best, hardcore punk, and morphed into a full-on post-punk band. Their sound is breathy and dark, with guitar solos that bring to mind the controlled burn of The Cure or Television.

“We started out much more as a [hardcore] punk band,” Winfrey tells BTRtoday. “I think it was always my plan. I wanted to go in a mellower direction—it’s easier when you’re starting out to just bang songs out and as you get your flow you can add the more nuance things.”

He explains that even though they’re pulling influences from bands like New Order, The Wipers and Wire, he thinks that ultimately they’re going to continue developing.

Growing up playing in hardcore punk bands, Adult Books started off with fast, short and guttural songs that struck fear into the hearts of listeners. They still keep it dark, but now they’re much more melodic and catchy. In fact, tracks like “Suburban Girlfriend” and “Nihilism For Beginners” include ooh-la-las, bubbly drum solos and fun choruses that are more danceable than moshable.

But don’t let that throw you off, the band is still punk rock and have tracks that pull at your angst-strings and make you want to thrash around in a crowded room filled with people in leather biker jackets.

“It’s still got that punk influence, but it’s also got some stuff that’s a little slower,” Winfrey says.

Last year they released Running From The Blows, an album that Winfrey says was influenced by many heartbreaks.

“A lot of the songs are about failed relationships and past relationships,” he says. “I’m in a happy relationship now, so I don’t pull too much from that anymore, but in general I don’t write music from a happy place, it’s more like when I’m in my head and thinking the worst thoughts. That’s when I really start to feel inspired to make music.”

They’re now in the studio working on their next album. They plan to at least have a few new singles out by the end of this year and go down a more musically ambitious indie route.

Adult Books – Running From The Blows

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