Frankie & The Witch Fingers Experiment With The Dark Side & Psychedelia

They’re named by a majestic cat whose power they wanted to absorb, which should give you a good idea of what Frankie & The Witch Fingers is all about.

When the members of Frankie & The Witch fingers met in Bloomington, Indiana, their love for rock ‘n’ roll and psychedelic exploration made their destiny clear: they had to become a psych-rock band. Since embarking on that epic journey, they’ve played together for over four years. Now, they’ve moved to sunny L.A. where they’re exploring their dark side.

Frankie & The Witch Fingers – Brain Telephone

While on mushrooms, the band tripped with Frankie, a friend’s house cat. After experiencing Frankie’s majesty, they named the band in tribute and started creating their signature catchy psych-rock. Their last album Brain Telephone oozes with surf-rock riffs, hazy melodies and lyrics that make you want to sway like the waves. Though some of the themes are less optimistic, it’s generally an upbeat album that makes for good times.

That upbeat nature is due to change, however. It seems the devil is getting his hooks into them.

“I’ve been hanging out with this Satanist couple,” frontman Dylan Sizemore tells BTRtoday. “I’m not promoting Satanism, but I’ve always been a little interested in all of that. We’re looking to get darker, so it’s the next step—we got the good and the righteousness of the light, and you’ve got to have the opposition, so, we’re getting into some devil stuff.”

Sizemore was raised in a religious environment in the mountains of Kentucky and says he’s always been intrigued by faith.

“It was a huge part of my life,” he says. “I’ve always felt a connection between my religious upbringing and what I’m doing now and what the band is doing.”

Sizemore says he’s the only one in the band that had a strict religious childhood, so he adds more of that to the music writing process. Another key element to his writing process? Hallucinogens.

“I’m a big supporter of psychedelic exploration,” he says. “Writing about existentialism and spiritual awakenings and all that good stuff I think makes for good song material and powerful songs to play, energywise. It’s a lot more exciting to tell people about a psychedelic experience I’ve had rather than a girlfriend that broke up with me or something.”

Photo by Grace Dunn

This spring Frankie & The Witch Fingers will tour Europe and release more music before releasing their next LP sometime this year.

Tune in to this week’s The Music Meetup to trip to Brain Telephone and hear the entire interview with Dylan Sizemore of Frankie & The Witch Fingers.