First Day of Summer/Memorial Day/Quarantine Birthday Special Playlist

It’s Gemini season. So of course, this week’s The Music Meetup is dedicated to my fellow psycho twins.

In true Gemini fashion, I’ve created a playlist of some of my favorite songs from artists I’ve featured on The Music Meetup thus far in 2020. I also could not decide on one solid theme for this playlist, so went with a strong three themes: Memorial Day, the first day of summer, and my birthday (which was technically this past Friday, but I’m still celebrating).

I am turning 28 in quarantine and never felt crazier. So, let’s party! Bands like The Buttertones, The Paranoyds, and Thick are just a few ingredients to the party punch of this playlist that’ll get you headbanging at home. But don’t worry, because I’ll be headbanging along with you from my living room in NYC. Party with me?

Tune in to this week’s episode of The Music Meetup to hear the entire playlist in all it’s glory.

Marlin’s Dreaming, “Moth Eyes”


Varsity, “Reason to Run”


HNRY FLWR, “As Above, So Below”


The Dears, “Instant Nightmare”


The Lovely Eggs, “24 Eyes”


Phono Pony, “Back to School Special”


Catholic Action, “Grange Hell (South London in D)


The Buttertones, “Jazzhound”


Born Ruffians, “I Fall In Love Every Night”


The Memories, “In My Heart I Am Sailing”


Thick, “5 Years Behind”


Hockey Dad, “I Missed Out”


Clever Girls, “Spark”


Kahiem Rivera, “Booty Calls”


Sløtface, “Sink Or Swim”


The Paranoyds, “Girlfriend Degree”


Erin Anne, “Bitter Winter”